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abstract-04-eMobilez_comWelcome to

It is a free community for Blackberry users. You could download free apps/games and share it to other members.

We believe that there is a gap between the transition from mobile phone to smart phone therefore with this page we would like to bridge the gap in order to utilize the technology for our daily work & social life.

facebookWe would suggest you to join the facebook blackberry community for free thus you could see the update of from your facebook group.

Join Facebook group to share the common interest in optimizing Blackberry usage and share Free Apps, Games Blackberry by click at blackberry community.

You also could share the review to your friends at facebook by click the facebook share at right side or click share facebook


Your feedback & comments are mostly welcome.


Hope it will useful for the fellow users & Enjoy.



Free download apps/games for Blackberry


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello. Thank you. I read it regularly to read the latest articles. Very useful writing.

  2. limemedic said

    Hey im from startup and Im looking for themers who want to share themes with me and I will link back to your site as well it helps youhelp me help you all will be shared with followers and seekers of free themes fyi…im already sharing your inspiring free emt theme I loved the icons just let me know (ill blog roll you as well)come check it out!

  3. Im a big blackberry junkie! Im always out on the internet looking for all things blackberry. I just love all the accesories available for Blackberries. Im happy to have found your post and read all the informative information you have to offer on blackberries. They say that googles Android software is going to knock off the Blackberry but I DONT believe them. We all need to keep confident and believe that the Blackberry platform will eventually rule the world. I dont think that people that doesnt have a blackberry knows what its like to be a blackberry owner. Phones like iPhones are toys and not real communication devices. I keep a collection of blogs specific to blackberries and you have made my list. Let me offer another good resource to you and your viewers specific to Blackberries that I think you will find informative.

  4. Chrissa said

    Do you accept high quality, unique, guest articles for your site?

    Please let me know if you would like more information about our writers and content.

    Chrissa Allison

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