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BB Apps OTA link & Web Download 1

Posted by freeappsblackberry on November 4, 2009

 1 Racing

Hi BB Users,

Glad to inform you that OTA link for BB apps have been added in this site. Thanks a lot for comments from BB community forum therefore this site would become more user friendly for download via PC/ Web or download via OTA ( Over the Air ) – by using blackberry browser to download directly into handheld.

We also appreciate if you could leave your comments whether the apps could work in your handheld due to some apps could only run in the specific OS or some links or files were broken during the upload.

Please enjoy and have a fun to try it !

AddToCalendar: 1.1.6OTA (Create Appt. from email)
AIM (RIM): 2.1(?) – OTA/IE Web Install (IM) [v2.0 avail for 8130/8830] NO AT&T!
amAze: 4.2OTA / Web (GPS Navigation, Search, Weather, etc.)
AutoLock: 0.5OTA / Web
AvantGo: 1.0.28OTA
BBChecklist: 1.1.0OTA
BBCorrector: 1.2.2OTA (Free Online Spell Check)
BBNotePad: 1.1.0OTA/Web (Simple Text Editor)
BBWeather: 0.77OTA (WORKS AGAIN!)
BeamBerry: 3.0.1OTAWeb (Trial Doc Mgmt)
Beejive: 1.1.0OTA/Web (Formerly Jivetalk)
Beiks FTP: 1.0OTAWeb
BenchmarkMagic: 1.5OTA
Berry Bloglines: 1.0OTA/Web (RSS)
Berry Lookup: 1.0OTAWeb (Rev Ph Lookup) 2.0.0OTA (Web Search)
BerrySearch: 0.91OTA / Web (Front End for major Search Engines)
Beyond411: 4.20.5OTAWeb (formerly Berry 411 – Search w/GPS)
BlackBerry Maps (RIM): 1.2.26OTA/IE Web InstallDesktop Install (w/GPS – AT&T? Use Desktop!)
BlackBerry Instant Messaging for IBM(R) Lotus(R) Sametime(R): 1.1.32 & 2.0.25WEB
BlackBerry Instant Messaging for Microsoft Office LCS 2005: & 2.0.25WEB (Other versions may be available directly from RIM)
BlackBerry Messenger (RIM): 1.0.94OTA/IE Web Install (PIN IM – OS 4.0 & 4.1 only)
BlackBerry Profile Switcher: 1.3OTA Web ($)
BlackBerryWiki: 1.0.1OTA (Wikipedia Front End)
Blipsocial: 0.766OTA/Web (w/GPS)
Bloomberg: Info ($ Requires Bloomberg Anywhere subscription)
Clock: 0.9.57OTA / Web (aka World Clock)
CompanionLink for Google: 3.0Web ($Sync w/Google Calendar)
Compass: 4.1OTAWeb (NOT GPS app)
Countdown Timer: 1.0.6OTA/Web
Cram: 1.0OTA / Web ($ Scholastic Testing)
Dexrex: 2.0.9OTA (SMS archive service)
Digby: 2.0.1OTA (Shopping)
Dynoplex Office Products: OTAWeb ($Doc Mgmt, Spell, Off Line File Mgmt)
EasyReach: (Shopping)
eBuddy: 1.0OTAWeb (Multinetwork IM)
Empower BES MailBox: ($)
Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO: ($)
Empower HTML Mail Viewer Standard: ($)
Empower InstaSpell: 1.5.421.51OTAWeb ($)
EQO: 1.6.1SMS Web Registration / Web (IM NRFPT Free multi-network IM and more)
eTrade: 1.1.3OTA / Web
Facebook (RIM): 1.2.0OTA/Web
Financial Times: 1.2.0OTA/Web ($ubscription required)
Flickr Uploader (RIM): 1.0.0OTA/Web (RIM)
FlipSide: 1.14OTAWeb (Media Player)
fotochatter: 0.9.9OTA (Quick Download – Code 2402)
FreeRange: 2.2.8OTA (RSS)
Future Shop: (Shopping – Installs RIM’s ECOE)
Games Trivia: 2.2.4OTA
GCalSync: 1.1.1OTAWeb
GeoTip: 0.0.1OTA/Web (Tip Calc)
Gmail: 2.0.5OTA
Godiva: 1.8.0OTA (For Chocoholics)
Google Maps: 2.3.1OTA (w/GPS and Cell Tower Locater, Street Views, Walking & Transit Directions w/NYC Subway!)
Google Mobile App: 3.1.131OTA (replaces Updater)
Google Mobile Updater: 2.1.4OTA (Sync, Search, Maps, Gmail, News, Reader, Docs, Picasa)
Google Search: 3.0.73 OTA
Google Sync: 0.4.6OTA (sync Google Calendar)
Google Talk (RIM): 2.1.33OTA/Web (IM)
GPSed: 1.0OTA / Web (GPS)
GridMagic: / WEB (Free or $ Spreadsheet for BB!)
gWhiz Suite: 0.6.3OTA / Web (Click Terms and Conditions Link)
– – – – gCalc!: 0.6.3 (Graphing Calculator – Help)
– – – – gFlash+: 0.6.3 (Flash Cards – Help)
– – – – gRef: 0.6.3 (Reference Tables – Help)
Handango InHand: 3.4OTAWeb (BB commercial Software)
Hebrew in Hand: 2.0OTA/Web ($)
ICQ (RIM): 1.1.13OTA/IE Web Install (IM) NO AT&T!
IM+: 5.2.7OTAWeb (IM)
InstaGo: 0.57.10OTA / Web (Free IM – All networks & SMS NRFPT)
ITookThisOnMyPhone: / Web
Infospace Findit!: 1.4.0OTA (Portal w/GPS)
JBenchmark: 1.1.1OTA
JBenchmark 2: 2.1.1OTA
JBenchmark Net: 1.0.3OTA
JBenchmark Pro: 1.0.4Web (Create custom Benchmark)
JiveSlide: 0.964.1OTA (Pics)
JiveTalk: 1.0.5OTA (IM w/File Xfer)
JiveTalk Preview: 1.0.1OTA (IM w/File Xfer)
Jott: 1.1OTA / Web (Voice reply to email!)
LexSpell: 2.1OTA (Nagware Offline spellchecker)
Live Search Beta: 2.0.3048.13898OTA (MS w/GPS)
LogicMail: 1.0.1OTAWeb (don’t get the point, but…)
MapQuest 4 Mobile Beta: 1.7.2600OTA / Web (Free – for now)
MaraTick: 1.0.4OTA/Web (Lists)
Market Explorer: 1.0.6OTAWeb (Stock Quotes, Charts, etc.)
Market Filters: 2.2OTA (Stock Analysys)
Maufait: 1.0.8OTA (Portal)
MaxMem: 0.2OTA (Remove unneeded modules like PTT)
MemoryUp: 2.50OTA/Web (Trial=Quick Boost Only/$)
MicroSky: 3.1.2OTA (Mobile Planetarium)
MidpSSH: 1.7.3OTAWeb (SSH Client)
MiniMoni: 1.01.03OTA / Web (Traffic Monitor)
MLBTracker: 0.85OTA/Web (Track your team)
Mobile File Manager: 2.5.36OTA / Web
Mobipocket Reader: (Free eBook reader – $ for Books)
Mortgage Calc: 3.0OTA/Web
mundu IM: 4.0.5Web ($11 Lifetime!)
MyAlarm: 2007.07.04Web
MyGirls: 1.0.0OTA (Quick Download – Code 57)
MSN Messenger (RIM): 1.0.16OTA/IE Web Loader
NeoReader: 1.01.1OTA (Camera devices only!)
Newsgator Go!: 2.2.7OTAWeb (RSS)
Nobex: (Radio Info emailer HUH?)
nuTsie: 0.9.8Web ($ Stream Playlists)
Opera Mini 3: 3.1.2OTA
Opera Mini 4: 4.0OTA/Web
Opera Mini 4.1 Beta: 4.1Web
Palringo: 0.70OTA / Web (IM NRFPT)
Pinger: 2.0Web (Voice@SMS – use Web link to get OTA)
PinStack IRC: 1.01OTAWeb
Pocket Express: 4.02.3OTAWeb (Portal)
Poynt: 0.9.6OTA / Web (aka MyPoynt)
QSMS: 0.1OTA / Web (Press ‘Q’ to Compose SMS)
Ramble: (AIM IM)
SameCell: 2.04OTA / Web (Search by Cell Location NRFPT)
SignalLoc: 0.1.710OTA / Web (Cell Tower Locater)
ShoZu: ???OTA / Web (Yet another “social” / IM Network)
ShrinkIt: 1.0OTA / Web (Resize pics on your BB)
Skip: 1.2.0OTA (Travel)
Slifter: 1.8.0OTA / Web (Localized shopping search)
Soft Reset: 0.2OTA/Web
Spot: 1.4.1OTA (GPS)
SpotJots: 1.01.00OTA / Web (w/GPS)
Stock Quote Viewer: 2.7OTA/Web
SyncJe: 2.43OTAWeb (PIM Sync $)
Tellme: 1.69.5OTA / Web
TinyTwitter: 1.1.0OTA / Web (Twitter IM Client)
TipBuddy: 1.0Web
Tip Master 2: 1.0.1OTA/Web
Traffic Cam: 2.12 (Varies?)OTA Link via SMS (Live Traffice Web Cams on your BB – 10 Cities)
TVGuide: 2.0.0OTA/Web-SMS
TwitterBerry: 0.6OTA (Twitter IM Client)
txtForward: / Web ($ Forwards incoming SMS messages to email address)
Twibble: 0.8.3OTA / Web (A location aware Twitter client)
TypePad: 1.0.34OTA/Web ($Blogging)
Umundo: 1.06OTA / Web (Multimedia Chat Add-In)
Unit Converter: 1.2.2OTA / Web / Wap (GetJar 5229)
Upvise: 1.9OTA / Web
Viigo: 2.2.82OTAWeb (RSS)
Viigo Project Tango Public Beta: 3.0.111OTA / Web (RSS Plus…)
(BlackBerry) Wallet (RIM):
WeatherBug Direct:
WeatherEye: (from The Weather Network)
WebMessenger: 2.7.0415Web (IM All Networks)
Web Shortcuts: 2.1.2OTAInfo
Where: 2.1OTA / Web / WAP (GPS Search NRFPT)
Whereboutz: 1.0.11OTA / Web
Whrrl: 7.0OTA / Web (NRFPT)
Windows Live Messenger: 2.1.36OTA/IE Web Install (Works on AT&T!)
Wireless18: 2.4.13OTA / Web (Free. Registration required)
WorldMate Live: 2.5.20OTAWeb (Itinerary)
WSJMobileReader: 1.1.4OTA (FreeRange News Reader for WSJ)
xPlayer: 1.0.1OTA / Web (Media Player)
xTemplate: – OTA / Web (Email Templates)
Yahoo! Go: 2.0.69OTA (Portal w/GPS)
Yahoo! Go: 3.0.43 (Beta?)OTAWeb (Portal w/GPS)
Yahoo! Messenger (RIM): 2.1.33OTA/IE Web Install (IM – STILL Does NOT work with AT&T!!!)
Yahoo! oneSearch: 1.1.9879OTAWeb-SMS (Voice Search) Mobile: 1.0.6OTAWebWAP (Business Search)
YWeather: 0.4.1OTA/Web
Zagat: 5.1.1OTA / Web ($ – Registration required)
Zumobi: 1.0OTA / Web (RSS and more NRFPT)
– – – – Special Lenovo/Olympic Version: 1.0OTA

ABCNews: 1.0OTA/WAP / Web
Bank of America: 4.2.2OTA / WAP / Web
BBerryOne: 0.6Web (Portal to WAP sites)
BlueRoom Solution: 1.0OTA
CalorieCountFoodSearch: 1.0OTA (to Calorie Counter Database WAP site below)
CNBC: 1.1.42OTA / Wap
CNN: 1.36.1OTA / WAP 1.42.2OTA
ESPN Mobile Web: 1.2OTA
Fox Mobile: 1.0OTA
MLB Icon: 1.0OTA (For Individual Teams too!)
New York Times: 1.0OTA
PinStack Launcher: 3.1OTA
SI (Sports Illustrated): 1.42.0OTA
TPLaunch: 0.0OTA (NYC Subway Trip Planner)
USA Today: 1.36.1OTA / Wap
Wall Street Journal: 1.0OTA

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  1. More often than not I don’t post comments on blogs, but I’d just like to mention that this post really forced me to do so! Thank you for your perceptive article.

  2. leds 5mm said

    Lovely writing, would really like to see a bit more video though!

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