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Posted by freeappsblackberry on November 5, 2009

drive safe automatically reads incoming text messages and emails out loud so you can concentrate on the road. Eliminate the temptation to reach for your phone by letting read to you and optionally auto-respond for you.

know some people who just won’t keep their hands off of their telephones while they drive, no matter how much I chide them. Combine this with the fact that most states either have or are considering laws that prohibit texting while driving, and it’s clear that keeping your eyes on your mobile device when they should be on the road isn’t just dangerous for you, it’s dangerous for everyone around you.

If you’re the type who can’t resist a glance at your mobile phone while you’re behind the wheel, there’s, a new mobile app that will read your incoming text messages aloud to you so you don’t have to take your eyes or your focus off of the road. Additionally, the app will automatically respond to incoming text messages to let the sender know you’re on the road and you’ll get back to them when you get to your destination. is currently available for BlackBerry smartphones and mobile phones running Android. The developers are working on versions for the iPhone and Windows Mobile, and claim they’re coming soon. The fact that the apps are free is what’s really compelling: -ou don’t have to pay to stay safe, and the fact that there’s no cost associated with downloading and running the app means more people will use it if they know about it.

Stay connected by listening to your messages without texting while driving or reading emails in your car. is the answer to texting while driving TWD . work with text messages: if you’re an e-mail junkie and love to check your incoming messages at every red light or down every straight piece of road, can also read your e-mails to you in real time as they land in your inbox. The app even recognizes common abbreviations like LOL and BRB and will read them to you in context. Once you have the app running on your mobile device, you can just sit it on the seat next to you and it’ll read everything aloud to you as you get it.

If your phone is Bluetooth-capable or you have it paired with your car’s stereo system, will push the audio out via Bluetooth so you can hear it over your car’s speakers instead of your device’s tiny speakerphone.

For added benefit, you can configure to auto-respond to text messages and e-mails that you receive while the app is running. This feature is perfect for the nagging boss who insists you immediately respond to their e-mails and texts no matter what, or if you just want to let your friends know that you’re on your way to the party and they can stop texting you to ask where you are.

drive safe


       Automatically plays incoming text SMS and email messages

       Play messages on demand through menu

       No complicated software to install easy to use

       Small footprint lightweight app does not slow down your phone

       Customizable auto-response and timeout duration

       Human sounding text to speech powered by

How to use

1. Download from BlackBerry App World or from your BlackBerry Browser

2. Install and Run  Reboot if prompted

3. In your “Downloads” or “Applications” folder, click on the icon will launch

4. Agree to Terms of Service after reading, and if you agree

5. Select “Continue Using Free”  you will be on the main screen

6. is now on and will read your text messages and emails when they arrive

7. To turn off, click the “On” button, which will change to “Off”

8. Adjust settings by clicking on “Settings”

9. Upgrade to Pro for even more features

10. For detailed instructions and frequently asked questions  FAQ , visit:

OTA Download it at or


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