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How to Maximize Your BlackBerry Battery Life

Posted by freeappsblackberry on November 6, 2009

AA BatteryHi BB Users,

 The one thing we all crave from our BlackBerries, aside from a smaller price tag, is more battery life. In the spectrum of wireless devices, BlackBerries are actually pretty good in terms of battery life. Still, it’s always nice to have a little bit more, especially when you forget your travel charger on that business trip you’re taking.


Here’s a few tips:
When there’s no signal, turn off your radio

Cell phone coverage has improved greatly since the beginning of the decade. Yet there are still areas where you’ll get a “no service available” message. In the city, this means the subways. In rural areas, this can be anywhere.

When your phone searches for a signal, you’re using a significant amount of battery life. When you’re underground, you’re constantly searching for signal. So it’s best to turn off the radio completely at that point. Just go to the Manage Connections icon in your Applications menu, and uncheck the Mobile Network box.

battery 1

Turn off Bluetooth

It seems that everyone has a Bluetooth headset. I still find it strange to see people talking to what looks like no one, yet they’re just using a hands free device. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth connection is another drain on the battery. So what to do here?

While keeping a Bluetooth connection is necessary at times — while driving, for instance — for the most part you can keep it off when you’re not talking. Just manually disconnect it from the Manage Connections screen. If you get a call and want to take it hands free, just recheck the box. Alternately, you could just turn off the headset itself, which will sever the connection.

Turn off the WiFi

Really, the same as the two above. You don’t want to be constantly searching for WiFi signal when none exists. Uncheck the box, and only check it when you know you’re within the range of WiFi.

Change your backlight options

The default settings for your screen backlight is to have the brightness at 100, and to have it time out after 30 seconds. This can be changed with little ill effect on the user. That is, depending on your eyesight and patience.

I flipped my backlight brightness to 50 without too much visual impairment. I didn’t change the backlight timeout, though. Thirty seconds seems a bit short sometimes, so going down to 20 or 10 seconds seems like it would be a bit annoying. But if you don’t mind, it’s another way you can save some battery. Also, changing the auto dimmer on can save a little bit, too.

battery 2

Change your ringer/notifications

It’s pretty well known by this point that a vibrating cell phone is a battery draining cell phone. This is no different for your BlackBerry. While many people prefer the vibrating option, it’s certainly a cause of their battery drain. So you have to decide which is more important: battery life or notification convenience?

Part of my own battery drain has been that I have the ‘Berry vibrate three times. It’s so I can distinguish calls from text messages, which get two vibrations. So changing this was easy. I just went to two and one. Still, I’m wasting plenty of battery by having it on at all.

The volume of your ringer also plays into your battery. Back at WES, I had to have a vibrating notification, followed by a loud ringer, just so I could faintly hear it among the murmur of the crowd. That was cause for more battery drain. The problem, of course, is that the BlackBerry has a notoriously low-volume ringer. So sometimes it’s necessary to pump it up a bit. Realize, thought, that it’s causing your bars to drop quicker.

battery 3

Make sure to close applications

Do you just hit the “END” button to exit out of programs like Google Maps, Zumobi, Viigo, or any Website which automatically reloads? That means the app is still running in the background. And if it’s pulling data from your connection, it means you’re going to be in for some serious battery drain.

Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Just make sure to hit the menu button, and then close the application when you’re done. Not only will your BlackBerry run a bit quicker, since the program won’t be taking up memory, but you’ll also save yourself some battery life.

Hoster it

While this goes along with the backlight issue, keeping our BlackBerry in the holster will keep the backlight off, meaning a better battery life.

Plug it in

No, your battery will not lose life if you leave it plugged in after the meter says full. In fact, it might be the opposite. You always want to top off a lithium-ion batter, so leaving your BlackBerry plugged in overnight can actually help matters.

Also, don’t buy into the myth of wearing the battery all the way down before you charge it. Doing this actually puts more stress on a lithium-ion battery. It’s best to recharge when you still have plenty of battery life left. Hence, plug it in. This will not only keep you fully charged, but it will help your battery from permanently losing power.

 battery 4

Tips: Menghemat Baterai Blackberry (Indonesia version)

Daya baterai Blackberry memang tidak bisa diandalkan. Namun itulah resiko yang harus dihadapi oleh sebagian besar ponsel pintar, termasuk Blackberry.

Untuk mengantisipasinya, terdapat beberapa tip yang bisa anda gunakan agar Blackberry anda lebih tahan lama.

  1. Matikan beberapa fitur yang tidak digunakan seperti wifi dan bluetooth.
  2. Tingkat keterangan layar bisa diatur ke tingkat yang paling rendah.
  3. Pengaturan backlight time out secepat mungkin.
  4. Ketika handheld tidak digunakan, ada baiknya mengaktifkan standby mode.
  5. Pilih salah satu network saja sebagai ‘jalan’ untuk Balckberry beroperasi, bisa 3G atau 2G saja. Namun jika berada di wilayah yang tidak terdapat sinyal jaringan, jangan ambil resiko. Matikan saja blackberry anda karena secara otomatis perangkat anda akan melakukan pencarian sinyal. Hal inilah yang semakin menyedot banyak tenaga baterai.
  6. Penggunaan nada dering memang sangat menarik. Namun adakalanya nada dering digunakan bersamaan dengan fitur getar. Penggunaan keduanya disinyalir membutuhkan daya baterai yang cukup besar. Oleh karena itu, ada baiknya jika anda menggunakan satu fitur saja, nada dering atau getar saja.
  7. Jika anda sudah menggunakan ringtone atau nada getar saja, penggunaan LED indicator sepertinya tidak terlalu berpengaruh di Blackberry. Oleh karena itu, jika LED indikator diposisikan dalam keadaan Off maka proses ini dapat membuat baterai lebih irit.
  8. Ada baiknya jika anda mengatur email dan sms yang masuk ke dalam perangkat. Diprediksi, kuantitas akses informasi yang masuk ke Blackberry akan mempengaruhi daya tahan baterai. Semakin banyak email/sms yang masuk maka semakin cepat baterai Blackberry tersebut mengalami low.
  9. Setel perangkat BlackBerry Anda untuk hidup dan mati secara otomatis.
  10. Jagalah kebersihan sambungan baterai. Setiap beberapa bulan, gunakan pembersih telinga atau kain kering untuk membersihkan kontak logam pada baterai dan perangkat.
  11. Hapus pesan asli bila Anda mengirim balasan.
  12. Kirim pesan ke beberapa kontak sekaligus menggunakan Tambah Ke, Tambah Cc, atau Tambah Bcc.
  13. Matikan lampu kilat (flash) di kamera.
  14. Tutuplah aplikasi pihak ketiga dari menu aplikasi bila Anda selesai menggunakannya.
  15. Ubah opsi browser Anda untuk grafik animasi agar tidak sering diulang pada halaman web.

Intinya, semakin sering anda mengoperasikan Blackberry kesayangan maka anda juga harus mau menghadapi resiko baterai cepat terkuras. Untungnya, resiko baterai cepat low ternyata juga dialami oleh hampir semua smartphone. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, ada baiknya jika anda selalu menyediakan baterai cadangan yang sudah terisi penuh, untuk menghindari perangkat ini mati di tengah anda mengerjakan pekerjaan kantor.


3 Responses to “How to Maximize Your BlackBerry Battery Life”

  1. danny said

    terimakasi atas sarannya,, sangat berguna 🙂

  2. somma said

    berapa jam waktu standby dan talk time?

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