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How to Maximize Free Memory Space on Your BlackBerry for Better Performance 1

Posted by freeappsblackberry on November 12, 2009

Log MaidHow to Maximize Free Memory Space on Your BlackBerry for Better Performance

Just like your desktop and laptop your BlackBerry’s performance can be significantly impacted by too much junk cluttering up the memory. So, you have to occasionally clear things up to help maximize performance.

What Causes Decreased Performance?

BlackBerries based on Java depend on what is called File Free Flash memory for most of the device’s tasks. Cluttering up that File Free Flash memory can lead to delays in many tasks as the device is spending an inordinate amount of time recovering blocks of memory, called “garbage collections.”

These Java “garbage collections” automatically reclaim file space that is no longer in use by the operating system. This process will also move around memory that is in use to combine free memory into larger memory blocks. A laptop, for example, will exchange memory onto the hard drive when it is running out of RAM. In a similar way, when the BlackBerry runs out of SRAM space, it is designed to swap memory out to the Flash memory. But if the Flash memory is also full, then the BlackBerry cannot perform that task effectively, which then causes more frequent and longer garbage collections.

The best solution to this problem is to free up space on your BlackBerry

Freeing-Up Space

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is regularly check the available memory on your BlackBerry. To do this, click on the ‘Options’ application and select “Status’ from the drop down menu. The ‘File Free’ display shows you the current amount of free data storage. The ‘File Total’ section tells you how much storage space remains after loading the Operating System, the phone, and the other basic applications.

For optimum performance it is recommended that you maintain a minimum ‘File Free’ of 400 to 500KB. This isn’t necessary, but you will find your BlackBerry performs much better if you can maintain this level.
Here are six simple solutions.

Delete Old Messages

One easy way to free up a lot of space is to delete old messages. You can change the ‘Keep Messages’ setting on the BlackBerry to 15 or 30 days, which will reduce the number of old messages taking up space in the memory. To do this, go to the ‘Messages’ application, click the trackwheel and select ‘Options.’ From that screen, click ‘General Options’ and change ‘Keep Messages’ to either 15 or 30 days. You should be aware that the BlackBerry will begin deleting older messages automatically when the memory gets low.

Change Appointments Settings

If you use your Calendar a great deal, then you might want to think about changing the ‘Keep Appointments’ setting to 15 or 30 days in order to avoid old calendar events taking up space. To change this go to the ‘Calendar’ application, click the trackwheel and select ‘Options’ from the menu. In ‘Calendar Options’ change the ‘Keep Appointments’ setting to either 15 or 30 days. This will not affect recurring appointments because the BlackBerry regards them as a single appointment.

Clear Browser Cache

Much like a regular computer, it is important to clear the browser cache often. Go to the ‘Browser’ application, click the trackwheel and select ‘Options.’ In the Browser Options screen, select ‘Cache Operations’ and click on ‘Clear Content Cache.’ This will clear the various caches.

Remove Unnecessary Applications

Remove any applications that you do not use. Most people have a few applications or programs they never use – the Memo Pad or a third party game program for example. By removing unused applications you leave more data space for applications that you use regularly. To remove unnecessary applications, click ‘Options,’ select ‘Applications’ from the menu. Scroll to the application you would like to delete, click the trackwheel and select ‘Delete.’

Slim Down Your Address Book

If it is possible, access addresses from your corporate directory. Software version 4.0 includes a Remote Address Lookup feature, which accesses contact info from the corporate address directory instead of including them in your Address Book. This feature is also available for devices that are enabled on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.5 or later for Microsoft Exchange, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 2.2 or later for IBM Lotus Domino.


You may also wish to get your IT person, or if you are brave enough yourself, to verify that the Optional Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) Support component is not installed on your BlackBerry unless your service provider requires it to access their Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) infrastructure.

There are two selected application to  optimize memory that you can install it from the site.

1. Memory up

For free apps blackberry PC download please click :

For free apps blackberry OTA download : OTA Memory Up ( refresh & defrag memory )

Max Mem 0.42. Max Memory (Remove unneeded modules like PTT, media files etc)

MaxMem can clean up your BlackBerry from unused applications, themes, and files that come preinstalled, which you might otherwise not be able to get rid off. Enjoy more memory and slightly faster speed.

  • MaxMem free up BlackBerry memory by deleting unused COD files that are preinstalled from the BlackBerry operating system. Currently, there are 9 remove modules in the newest MaxMem release, version 0.3.
  • Up to 5MB of free memory can be realized after running MaxMem.
  • Pop up approval notice for every COD file that will be deleted.
  • Remove VAD (Voice Activated Dialing) – Usually activated by pressing the default assigned left convenience key. Make call by using voice recognition. The About item in the Option will also be deleted because it is located inside the VAD. BlackBerry OS and build can still be seen by pressing ALT+SHIFT(left)+H together on the keypad.
  • Remove PTT (Push To Talk) – PTT is available on AT&T network only (As far as we know) and is preinstalled in AT&T BlackBerry device. So, if you are going to use the device on other networks, you can delete this feature to save more space.
  • Remove T-Mo Fives – Normally found on T-Mobile device. The feature is usually consisting of icons, etc.
  • Remove MDS (Mobile Data Service) – MDS is only used by BES user to push data from their BES enabled server. Delete this if you are on BIS network.
  • Remove Media – Delete media like default wallpapers, music, and videos.
  • Remove Default Themes – This module removes vendor themes except Dimension Zen. Note: some custom-made themes depend on vendor themes to work so don’t use this option if you like to install custom-made themes.
  • Remove TID – (Experimental) Delete linguistic data used by SureType, SpellCheck, etc.
  • Remove Foreign Resources – (Experimental) Delete language translation.
  • Remove RIM Internal Tools – Remove quincy, bug report, battery log, etc. RIM Internal Tools usually comes in package with beta operating system that RIM used to monitor the OS performance remotely. Delete this if you are not officially approved to use the beta OS.
User Guide:
  1. Install MaxMem
  2. Back up BlackBerry device using desktop manager.
  3. Set your current theme to Dimension Zen. The purpose is to avoid any error if the current theme is accidentally deleted. Dimension Zen can’t be deleted by MaxMem.
  4. Run the MaxMem application (Mammoth icon).
  5. Click on the remove module that you want to use. Make sure you read the definition above for each module.
  6. Question 1 is about data base back up. Answer yes only if you have already backed up your device or you know what you are doing.
  7. Question 2 is about disclaimer. Answer yes if you agree.
  8. Question 3 will be asked for each cod file that MaxMem will delete.
  9. Restart after you are done.

COD files that are deleted by MaxMem can be restored by running application loader from desktop manager but you do need to install BlackBerry Handheld OS first in your computer.

Disclaimer is on.

For free apps blackberry PC download please click : Max Memory

For free apps blackberry OTA download : OTA Max Memory or MaxMem: 0.2OTA

Reference: Blackberry website, vendor website, various forum discussion

 Memory Blackberry yang lambat ( Indonesia version )

Masalah paling sering yang dihadapi BB kita semua adalah MEMORY.
Yang bikin BB kita lemot-lambat, jam pasir, ga bisa masuk website dll.

MEMORY disini saya maksud adalah ‘volatile memory’ ya(semacam RAM di PC).
Bukan ’storage memory’ seperti media card contohnya.

‘Sampah’ memory ini bisa diakibatkan dari :
1. Conversation yang tidak ditutup (BBM, YM yang dibiarkan ‘open’).
2. Memori ‘history’ website2 yang dikunjungi browser.
3. Memori ‘log event’ (‘rekord’ otomatis dari ‘event’2 di BB-nya).
4. Terlalu banyak buka aplikasi bersamaan.
5. ‘Cookies’, ‘Cache memory’, yang mempercepat proses tapi menghabiskan memori.

Ada baiknya kita mengetahui cara2-nya selain cabut batere.
Kita mulai dengan BB anda di posisi ‘desktop screen’

Bersihin ‘cache memory’ browser BB:
1. Masuk/ klik ke browser.
2. Tombol BB menu – klik.
3. Pilih : ‘Options’ – klik.
4. Pilih ‘Cache Operations’ – klik.
5. Klik ke 4 tombol ‘clear’ (termasuk ‘clear history’).
6. Termasuk ‘Yes’ untuk ‘delete pushed content’.
7. Selesai.

Weits, jangan buru2, kita bersihin yang lain lagi yah.

Bersihin rekord dari ‘event’/proses di BB.
(kayak blackbox gitu?CMIIW).
1. Dari desktop (lagi), pencet tombol ALT (tahan).
2. Pencet huruf L-G-L-G (berurutan).
3. Kemudian BB menu – klik.
4. Pilih ‘clear log’ – klik.
5. ‘delete’ – klik.
6. Selesai.

Tau nggak, bahwa BB juga sudah dilengkapi dengan ‘memory cleaner’?
Ada, tapi dia ter’sembunyi’ , mari kita keluarkan dia (start desktop homescreen ya).

1. ‘Options’ – klik.
2. ‘Security Options’ – klik.
3. ‘Memory Cleaning’ – klik.
4. Status ‘disabled’ di klik.
5. Pilih ‘enabled’.
6. Lalu 4 baris dibawah menu ‘memory cleaning’, Ada ’show icon on home screen’ klik jadi ‘Yes’.
7. Tekan tombol ‘return’ dan ’save’ changes.
8. Kembali ke ‘homescreen’ dan cari ikon baru ‘memory cleaner’.
9. Gambar ikon-nya, mirip2 printer gitu, nah klik!
10. Selesai.

Catatan :
Ikon memory cleaner akan ada di homescreen, silahkan klik kapan saja anda perlu bersihin memory.

Ikon tsb. ada selama BB anda tidak di restart. Kalau di-restart, maka kita akan ‘keluar’kan dia dengan cara seperti diatas.


Cabut batere, adalah tip yang paling sering dan ampuh juga.
Cuma kita harus tau, bagaimana yang benar melakukan cabut batere.

Supaya tuntas, katakanlah kita telah melakukan 3 langkah sebelumnya tadi.
Yaitu: Cache cleaning, Event log record cleaning dan Memory cleaning.
Kemudian biar ‘bulet’ dan ‘pas’, mau sekalian reset atau/dan cabut batere.

Bisa pilih a.RESET atau b.CABUT BATERE.

a. RESET : Tekan bersamaan ‘Alt’ – ‘Caps’(kanan) – ‘del’
Ini namanya restart (reboot kalo di PC), ada yang bilang ’soft reset’.

b. CABUT BATERE : Matikan BB – cabut batere – pasang lagi.
Ini juga restart, ada yang bilang ‘cold start’.
Sama saja seperti diatas, lalu apa bedanya ?

Dengan ‘cabut batere’, kita benar2 memastikan tidak ada energi/listrik
yang tertinggal. Karena dengan tidak adanya listrik, otomatis yang namanya
‘volatile memory’ (memory ada jika ada suplai listrik) akan hilang.

Ketika cabut batere, minimal 2 menit, baru kita pasang lagi yaa.
Kenapa? Ketika batere dicabutpun, masih ada ’sisa’ tenaga listrik di HH yang
akan redup/padam perlahan2. Jika ’sisa’ tsb. belum hilang, dan kita pasang
batere lagi, nyuss, ’seger’ lagi dia dan ‘memory sampah’-nya ga jadi ilang.

Bedakan ya ‘volatile memory’ dengan ‘memory card’ dimana datanya ‘ditulis’ dan ada terus biarpun ga
ada suplai tenaga listrik.

Related link : Review Memory Up


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