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Tips and Trick for Blackberry 1: shortcut keys

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 3, 2009

Log Maid.gif** Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry **

Tips and Tricks for BlackBerry

Important Keys
ALT Key = :alt: has half moon on top of it. Left side of keyboard below A.

(New BlackBerry devices have “ALT” spelled out on the key)

CAP key = :cap: bottom right key (AKA Shift Key)

IN General
Hold the :alt: key while you roll the thumb-wheel to scroll horizontally in any field where you can center or view text.

Hold the :alt: key while you roll the thumb-wheel to scroll through a field to view options.

Hold the :cap: key while you roll the thumb-wheelto select multiple items in the list:

alt:+Escape – Allows multitasking, brings up Taskbar on any screen.Similar to Windows ALT+TAB

alt:+:cap: – Turns on CAPS lock.Hold :alt: first thenpress :cap:. An oval with an up arrow screen shows up in the upper right corner of the screen.

cap:+:alt: – Turns on NUM lock. Hold :cap: first then press :alt:. A # sign shows up in the oval in the upper right corner of the screen.

Type the first letter of an item in an option list or menu to jump directly to that item.

Type the first letter of a name or initials separated by a :space: to find a contact in the Address Book screen.

Press C to compose a new message from the ho,e screen or within Messages. (If this does not work, ensure Phone>Options>”Dial From Home Screen” is turned off.This re-enables key press shortcuts for icons from the home screen)

Press :alt:+:enter: to keylock your BlackBerry quickly from the home screen. (Alternate keypress is just press K, but this only works if “Dial From Home Screen” is disabled)

Rearrange the ribbon: In the Home Screen (ribbon), hold the :alt: key and click the thumb-wheel to bring up a menu. You can then select Move Icon, Hide Icon, or Show All. If you hide an icon to show it again click Show all and it’ll appear with an X over it, bring up the menu on it and uncheck hide icon.

The BlackBerry display can be backlit to allow reading messages in the dark. To get the light to come on, hit the backlight button usually in the lower right of the keyboard.Hopefully you’ve a backlit keyboard as well as you can type in the dark.

Turning the radio off and back on when coverage is spotty and you’ve lost signal seems to help.Also going into network and selecting register now will help.And if you’ve a phone/combo BalckBerry then on some you can go into network and select Scan for networks. Then select the network you’re on, for example T-Mobile, then save. After doing this, the radio will reset and you may receive a register message and a new service book, which you can accept from the service book menu in options.

Password protect your BlackBerry. To set a password, go to the Options menu to the Security item. Set the desired timeout (atleast 15 mins) and enable a password. In conjunction with this, you should also go to the Options menu to the Owneritem, and enter your name, phone number, etc. When the password protection kicks in, this is what is displayed on the screen.

After 5 incorrect attempts in typing in your password, the password starts echoing. After 10 attempts, it performs a lobotomy on itself and almost all data is ckeared. The Memo database, however, is retained and visible.

To support more than one signature. Wipe out your auto-signature in the Redirector of the Desktop Software and just use ‘AutoText’ to configure alternate signature.

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