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Tips & Trick for Blackberry 2 : shortcut message keys

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 4, 2009

Tips & Tricks for Blackberry

In the message list


alt:+I – show only incoming mail

alt:+0 – show only outgoing mail (messages you’ve sent)

alt:+P – show phone log messages

alt:+S – show SMS messages

alt:+V – show VoiceMail messages

Navigating T – go to top message listing

B – Go to the end of message listing

del: – close message listing and return to home screen

space: – pagedown

cap:+:space: – pageup

Deleting multiple messages at one:

Highlight a date in the messages list, hit the thumb-wheel and select delete prior. All messages prior to that date will be deleted

Hold down the :cap: key and use the thumb-wheel to scroll up or down to select messages. Click the thum-wheel and select ‘Delete Messages’. Combine this with a sorting tip to make it even more useful, press :alt: then the letter ‘0’ will show all your sent messages, then per this tip scroll down and select the last 5.

While in a message:


enter: or :space: – scroll down a page at a time

alt:+:enter: – scroll back a page at a time

B – scroll to the end of page

T – scroll to the top of page

U – Jump to closest unread message

N – Jump to next message

P – Jump to previous message

del: – close message and return to message listing

Reply-to/Forward: R – Reply to or answer this message

F – Forward this message Select Text (OS v2.1): Press the :cap: key and then scroll the thumb-wheel to select. If you release the :cap: key and scroll the thumb-wheel you’ll select entire lines. Press the :cap: key again at any time to start selecting by character again.

Hold down :alt:key + CLICK the thumb-wheel, release the thumb-wheel and then use it to scroll whole lines. You can press and hold the :alt: key at anytime to start selecting by character again.

Click scroll wheel and select SELECT from the menu.Scroll wheel to select entire line.Click scroll wheel again and select copy.With either method, click the thumb-wheel and select’Cut Selection’ or ‘Copy Selection’.. to paste, open a new message or whatever, click the thumb-wheel, and then select ‘Paste Selection’.

Composing Message

Press and hold a letter to capitalise it (with Key Rate enabled)

Press the :space: key twice to insert a period and capitalise the next letter.

Press the :space: key to insert the “@” and “.” characters in an email field. Backspace and type again to over-ride this like you would with AutoText.

Press and hold a letter key and roll the thumb-wheel to scroll through international/accent characters, equation symbols and other marks.

Press T to go to “Today” in the Calendar screen.

Press G to go to a specific date in the Calendar screen.

The default date range for Calendar synchronisation in Desktop Manager may not suit most people. While configuring the Calendar synchronisation, click the Advanced button and specify the desired range.


The largest draw on battery life is the transmitter, so if you’re transmitting a lot, you can expext reduced battery life.And the backlight.

Being in fringe or no coverage areas will eat up your battery as it attempts to transmit. If you’re in an area that is out of range, turn BlackBerry’s radio off manually or use Options/Auto On off to conserve battery life.

Geek Tips
Rather than looking at the bars, you can change the display of the ‘signal strength’ to read in real numbers. While at the home screen, hold down the half moon :alt: key while you type NMLL. The bars should change to read numbers. For the ‘signal strength’, if you’re in the 100 area(that means -100 dBm) you’ll be transmitting at maximum power(2 watts), and since coverage is hit and miss at this weak signal, you may end up transmitting many times before the packets make it through.This might help explain any poorer than normal battery life. I consider anything at -90 to -50 excellent.

To get the bars back: While at the home screen, hold down the half moon :alt: key while you type NMLL again.

Hold down the half moon :alt: key and the :cap: key at the same time, then the letter ‘H’. This brings up the “Help Me!” sceen that lists version, appversion, pin, imei, uptime, signal strength, battery level, file free and total file.

Hold down the half :alt: while you type LGLG. This brings up the event log where you can clear events (frees some memory) or view them or copy the contents to mail to someone.

alt:+:cap:+:del: will rebot your BlackBerry


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