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How To Change your Blackberry Themes

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 12, 2009

How To Change your Blackberry Themes

This brief tutorial will show you how to change BlackBerry themes.

  1. As you can see in the screenshotbelow, my BlackBerry came with a painfully ugly – and branded (Rogers) default theme. The first thing I did was change this theme to something less obnoxious. To do so, select Options from theApplications screen.


  1. From the Options menu, scroll down to Theme and select it.


  1. Highlight a different theme, and click it.


  1. Return to the Options menu..


  1. and exit out of it. Now you’re using a different theme. Repeat the above steps until you’ve found a theme you’re happy with.


  1. If you want to find, OTA Download or Dekstop Download Blackberry Themes and install even more themes, please visit at


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