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Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Manually

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 12, 2009

Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Manually

  1. Manually installing BlackBerry themes is a bit more involved than Over The Air installations. Generally these themes come in the form of a zip file, and you’ll need to download it to your PC. For this example I’m going to use a Vista BlackBerry Theme. Once downloaded, extract the zip file to somewhere on your hard drive that you’ll remember. I have a specific folder for BlackBerry themes, but anywhere will do.


  1. Now launch your BlackBerry Desktop Manager (and make sure your BlackBerry is connected to your PC). From the Main Menu select Application Loader


  1. From the Add / Remove Applications section, click the Start button.


  1. Click the Browse… button below the Device application selection list.


  1. Navigate to the folder you stored your theme file in, select it, and click Open.


  1. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager will now run a check on that file…


  1. and now it will be listed in the Device application selection list. Make sure that the check-box is checked, and that Install is the Action. Click the Next button.


  1. You’ll be presented with a Summary screen that will list your new theme as the ‘software’ to install on your BlackBerry. Click Finish.


  1. First the theme will load…


  1. and then the BlackBerry Desktop Manager will make the connection to your device, and install the theme.


  1. At this point you should have a successful update. You can return to the main menu and/or disconnect your BlackBerry.


  1. Navigate to the Themes section of your BlackBerry Options and select your newly installed theme.


  1. Exit out of the Theme Options, and your new theme will be up and running. That’s it!



5 Responses to “Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Manually”

  1. J said

    Followed the steps but when bb desktop manager ran a check on it it says no additional applications designed for your device were found. Where do I go from here?

    • it happen when the themes is not compatible with your OS Blackberry or Blackberry type.

      Please try it for example by using free themes javelin for BB Javelin.

      don’t forget to extract the zip file and take the *.alx during the installation.

      Please let me know if you are unable to download it.


  2. uhannan said

    i have done the above on my blackberry 8520 and still the themes i added are not showing on my themes list. pls help

    • Hi there,

      To install themes at Blackberry, we have to follow the standard requirement which the type of blackberry & OS/operating system.

      I found it that themes is not compatible for certain type of blackberry/OS. If it is not showing in the option, themes then it is no working. You could delete it by going to options, applications, choose the themes and delete it.

  3. fendy said


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