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Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Over The Air

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 12, 2009

Instructions for Installing BlackBerry Themes Over The Air

1. Over the air installations (called OTA) allow you to point your BlackBerry browser to a file, and have it downloaded and installed directly from there. This is the easiest way to install themes and other BlackBerry software


2. In this example I’ll be installing the Custom Silver theme using the Over The Air method. Launch your BlackBerry browser and enter the URL and file Blackberry themes with the specification is align with your Blackberry type/OS then find OTA Download themes


  1. You’ll be prompted to download a file (com_plazmic_theme_Silver.jad). Click the Download button.


  1. Themes are generally not very large files, so the download won’t take very long.


  1. Once the download has completed, the installation should begin manually. If it doesn’t, click the Install button. Once it has successfully completed, click OK.


  1. Navigate to your Themes section and select your newly installed theme.


  1. And now your newly installed theme is up and running, ready to go

bbtheme08.jpg bbtheme09.jpg


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