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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 12 : How do I reset my Blackberry?

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 14, 2009

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How do I reset my Blackberry?

Soft Reset
Press the Alt+Right Shift(Cap)=Delete keys. A soft reset re-establishes communication between the Blackberry device and the computer.This ill stop all applications on the device.

Double-Soft Reset
Press the Shift(cap)+Delete keys and the screen will go blank. When the screen is no longer black, press the shift9cap0+delete keys again.You should see anoher blank screen followed by an hour glass.This will stop all applications on the device and it’s nearly equivalent to a hard reset.

Hard Reset
The first step in troubleshooting a network, software or hardware error is often to perform a hard reset. With Java based devices, this is accomplished by removing the battery. A hard reset on a c++ based device is accomplished by pressing the Reset button.

Note:Insert the end of a paperclip inside the small hole on the back of the handheld to perform hard reset on a RIM models 850, 857, 950 or 957 device.

Some reasons to do a hard reset
Network Issues
*Handheld displays an X beside the coverage indicator.
*Handheld displays GSM or lower case gprs as the network status indicator.
*User is unable to send or receive messages on the handheld

Software Issues
*User receives an error code on the handheld.
*Applications do not appear to be functioning correctly.
*Dsktop Manager is stuck at working status when the handheld is connected.
*Bluetooth is not detected.

Hardware Issues
*Handheld display is hard to read. For instance, the display show lines obscuring text.
*Keypad is not working. For example, the keys do not work , the trackwheel is not working properly or the handheld does not turn on.


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