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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 18 : How do I delete the preload media from the device?

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 20, 2009




How do I delete the preloaded media from the device?

1. Back up your device first.

2. If you’ve a media card, go into the options in the media app and change “reserved pictures memory” to OM. Even if you don’t have a card, consider lowering the number to conserve memory.Savings = up to 10MB.

3. Delete the unnecessary language files. You can do it through options>advanced>applications, but the better, cleaner way to do it is through the Application Loader. When a new OS is installed on the pc (not the device) the .cod files are contained in the java folder at (for OS .69) program files/common files/research in motion/shared/loader files/8100-v4.2.0.69_P2.2.0.40.

a) There are approx 400 files, if you only want English, delete any file with the following at the end of the file name:

__pt __pt_BR __fr __it __de
__nl __en_GB __es __es_MX
__ca __tr

Also delete all files with dynamic_ling (except for the English files). For OS .69 there are a total of 186 language files totaling 12.4MB that can be deleted in this manner. Plus, delete the .cod files for Korean and semitic language support.

4.Delete the .cod files with any themes (net_rim_theme_..) you don’t use. But do not delete the zen theme. By deleting the Cingular themeand the dimension icon theme I saved another MB.

5.Delete the preloaded video, by deleting the .cod file: net_rim_bb_medialoader_video.cod. Savings = 2.4MB.

6.Delete the preloaded pictures by deleting the files : net_rim_bb_media_240X260_b.cod and net_rim_bb_media_100_240X260.cod. Savings = 3.5MB.

7.Delete the preloaded ringtones by deleting the file: d. Savings = 280k.

8.Once you’re satisfied with the items that you’ve selected to remove. Open Desktop Manager and select Application loader. Follow the directions.

*Total Memory sabings is about 30MB. If you don’t use PTT on Cingular, delete those .cod files as well (they say PTT in them). If you don’t play BrickBreaker, delete it. If you don’t use the maps application delete it.


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