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10 Fun ways to waste time on the internet 2009 by

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 27, 2009

10 Fun ways to waste time on the internet 2009 by

Finding activities to kill time when you’re bored is not as easy as it might sound. If you can’t find something to do, the idleness will add to your boredom, worsening the situation.

I suppose one could watch television or go read a book; while they might be able to do the job, TV and books are not interactive mediums and kill your time while you just sit (or lay) there. The internet however is a whole different story.

Using computers to pass your time ensures that you do something that requires at least some active thought process. With computer you can keep your mind active while you find yourself bored and with a lot of time to waste.

After you have determined that your computer is what you will be spending time on, you can end up wasting a lot of time just trying to decide what to spend on! With all its various sites and tools, the internet’s vastness can be compared to outer space. So today we present to you the best ten websites we have recently discovered which will amusingly spend your time. Some of the sites are pointless fun, while others really an exercise for the mind. Go through them all and see which one tempts you most.

01. not prOn

not prOn is a one tough exercise for the mind. Basically it is a puzzle that puzzles the user in every way.

After starting the test/game, you will begin with level 1 and keep on progressing to further levels (only if you figure out the puzzles). Puzzles range from gathering hints from the URL to reading hidden codes within a given picture (which you might not see until you increase the brightness of your computer).

For times when you get stuck, you can get access to hints or get help from the forums which have guiding users (but not fun spoilers).

Check out not prOn to not only spend time, but also to increase your puzzle solving skills.

02. Letters (Lunchtimers)

Imagine having a lot of people in your kitchen and having a lot of magnetic alphabets which you can stick to your refrigerator. Everybody is trying to simultaneously spell a unique word on the fridge; if a letter is required, it is sometimes taken from somebody else’s word. Well, Letters is an amusing site which offers exactly that.

The letters are provided to be moved around by all visitors to the site. You see the letter moving in real time. The number of people ‘playing’ is denoted at the top left of the game. Spelling long words is very entertaining because chances are that when make a line, another user will see it and ruin your word by taking your letter, for no reason at all. Try out Letters and see how you can ruin others’ words too.

03. Samorost 1

Samorost 1 is a Flash based game. The premise is outer space with our character going from his asteroid to an alien ship and trying to steer its course elsewhere because the ship and asteroid are currently on a collision course.

The number of levels is only six. Although this game is definitely not as difficult as not prOn, it still requires the player to think a lot before a level is over. Play Samorost 1 to save the little guy’s asteroid from being blown to smithereens.

04. Samorost 2

Samorost 2 builds upon the great Flash graphics of Samorost 1 and provides players with another task. The sequel has been packed with a lot creativity which will definitely make your laugh occasionally. The full version of this game is $5 to play however the first chapter is free and will be enough to kill your time.

05. Machine (SymmetryLab)

Machine is a tool by SymmetryLabs which is currently under construction. The purpose behind it is to provide users with simple graphical tools to build their own visual machines. If properly developed, for the average person it will be able to greatly simplify implementing any machine building ideas. Currently the tools given let us choose fix points (the blue dots), rotating bars (orange bars), retracting bars (yellow bars), and elastic wires.

Play around with Machine; along with spending a lot of time on it, you might end up creating something surprisingly useful.

06. Spirograph

With Spirograph, you can make amazing and visually brilliant circle shapes as you can see in the image above. By adjusting the sliders and other settings on the right, you can generate almost any type ofspirograph with ease.

Not only that, but the geometric shapes formed in this Java application can be printed out or embedded in your own site (the code is give at the bottom of its homepage).

07. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is an immensely funny website with a huge number of funny articles written expertly. The quizzes keep it interactive (in case you’re not in the article reading mood); quizzes are of a humorous nature and don’t be surprised if you want yourself trying to determine if you have considered making love to Bigfoot, or if your friends are plotting to eat you.

With Oatmeal, you will surely not be bored.

08. Stuff On My Cat

Although Stuff On My Catis not an interactive website, the cat pictures it has will make you laugh till you tear up. People from all over the world have uploaded numerous cat pictures with “stuff on them.”

Browse through the site if you’re bored for a quick big laugh.

09.Falling Sand

Falling Sand is one of my personal favorite sites because it lets us create designs which usually would not be possible. The game involves four different particle streams falling from the top of the screen, which all look and move similar to sand. The particles resemble sand, water, salt, and oil in color. Along with these four, additional elements can be placed on the screen with the mouse, some that are solid and stationary instead of flowing. By mixing the different elements together, many colorful designs, complex structures, and systems can be created.

Creating loops and inner-loops, redirecting the sand streams from one loop to another is great fun. With Falling Sand, you will definitely be hooked.

10. Subservient Chicken

A subservient chicken might not makemuch sense when you first hear it. But log on to this website and it will soon be the only thing you talk about to your friends.

You see a man in a full chicken costume. Below the image (it is actually a video) you see a text field where you can enter any command you want to be performed by the chicken. The chicken will do anything from dancing, to sitting, to jumping, to kicking that sofa in the back.

The Subservient Chicken will surely make you call your friends and let them know about it as well.

And there you go – ten websites to kill your time without being idle. Hopefully you will use at least one of the abovementioned sites and never be bored when you’re free from all tasks.

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