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10 Awesome windows customization tools worth looking into 2009 by TechCityInc

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 28, 2009

10 Awesome windows customization tools worth looking into 2009 by TechCityInc

Customizing our computers is how we personalize them, make them our own. You probably use some sort of desktop customization tool already. However if you aren’t, then we present ten Windows customization tools which are definitely worth looking into.

1. WindowBlinds

Any computer user who is looking to customize their PC in the easiest way possible should download WindowBlinds right away and experience the various applicable themes.


From Aero skins to brilliantly colorful themes, WindowBlinds has it all for the novice and pro computer user alike. With its user-friendliness it helps the user familiarize with the functions quite easily.

Unfortunately WindowBlinds is not a freeware; a 30 day free trial is all one can get without payment. But once you try it, you will surely be tempted to purchase the entire product.

2. Fences

If desktop is a problem for you, then Fences is the ultimate solution. Fences is a 9MB freeware program which lets you creates custom areas (fences) on your desktop and put specific desktop icons in them. For instance you can create a Shortcuts fence and place all file shortcuts within it. Similarly you can create a Folders fence and place all the desktop folders in it.


You can create as little or as many fences you like; resizing any fence is easily done through the mouse.

Having your desktop items organized into categories which have specific positions and areas on the desktop is a great way to minimize the desktop clutter. Fences is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

3. Vista Switcher

Here how Windows Vista’s ALT+TAB window switcher looks like:


If you are tired of this view, you can install the amazingly tiny Vista Switcher sized at only 330KB. This great piece of freeware is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Here is how the ALT+TAB window switching menu looks like after installing Vista Switcher:


A larger preview of the window is shown to the left and the titles are shown on the right. Right clicking on the titles lets the user perform minimizing, closing, and other functions on the respective window:


Moreover, within a single application, you can press ALT+` to switch between the windows belonging to the same application. For example if you have Microsoft Word installed and are currently viewing two DOC files, you can switch between them by pressing ALT+`.

Vista Switcher is a just another one of those simply great customization tools.

4. TrueTransparency

If you’re a Windows XP user working on an old machine, chances are that Vista will not let you operate under the Aero view if you install the Vista operating system. Good news for you is that using TrueTransparency, not only do you not need a hardware upgrade to get the Aero view, but you can also have it on your existing OS – Windows XP.

But the Aero theme is not the only thing you get. Apart from Aero, you can use amazing themes to customize your desktop making it remarkably visually appealing.


Amongst loads of other things, you can create docks on the desktop and shift your taskbar with TrueTransparency. And the best part is that the entire setup file is less than 1MB to download.

TrueTransparency can be enjoyed by Windows XP and Vista users. Windows 7 might be supported although we have not tested it yet.

5. CoolKeys

Customizing our computer does not necessarily mean modifying its appearance; the way we work with our computer can also be customized to suit our needs, providing us more convenience.

CoolKeys is one great freeware application that does just that and lets us assign hotkeys to almost any task. From minimizing all windows to opening specific files or folder, hotkeys can be assigned to anything. For instance you can assign the keys CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S to play a particular song on your computer.


CoolKeys runs on Windows XP and Vista and is sized at only 1.5MB.

Use CoolKeys to save yourself a lot of valuable time.

6. Radian

If you like the hotkey functionality but hotkey combinations are not easily for you to remember (even you assign them yourself) or you want as little as possible to do with the keyboard, then the solution to your predicament is Radian.

Radian a freeware application sized at only 600KB which gives your mouse immense functionality. After you install radian, you press down the right-click button for about two seconds to display the Radian menu which is composed of pizza-like slices of your shortcuts. These shortcuts are added manually and can be clicked to access the respective file.


If you are operating a wireless mouse from a distance and your keyboard is still near your computer, with Radian you will easily be able to access the shortcuts of your favorite file/programs.

Radian is a great application to customize the way you work with your mouse.

7. Taskbar Helper

Mostly while working on my PC, I simultaneously open up a lot of programs which make the taskbar look very untidy and difficult to work with. If the mess was on the desktop, I could have used Fences to easily sort it out. But the taskbar mess can only be cleared with Taskbar Helper.


Taskbar Helper is another small freeware with a size of only 550KB. When you run the program, it lists all the programs of which the windows currently appear on the taskbar. You choose to send these open programs to the system tray each time you minimize them.

This way your taskbar stays tidy, allowing you to work more peacefully.

8. Wally

Returning to customizations relevant to the visual aspect of Windows, Wally is something that will definitely add visual appeal to your computer. If you find having one wallpaper boring, then you can set up a dynamic wallpaper which changes its image after a fixed time interval. This is what Wally lets you do.

This dynamic wallpaper will behave just like a slideshow and use images in a folder that you specify. This slideshow can be paused at any moment, forwarded, or rewound by right-clicking on Wally’s system tray icon:


The use of this application is not restricted to Windows XP and Vista users as it can also be used on Mac OS X and Linux.

9. RKLauncher

RKLauncher is another one of those small freeware programs that improve the accessibility of your most used programs and files while adding to the visual appeal of your desktop. The setup file of RKLauncher is under 1MB and no installation is required – just an archive that needs to be extracted.

The RKLauncher is like a toolbar with shortcuts to your programs and file.


The icon your mouse points to is made bigger by the launcher. The toolbar can be placed at any side of the screen (top, right, bottom, or left) to suit the user’s tastes. The visual options of RKLauncher can be configured to adjust the transparency of the toolbar, sizes of icons, and a lot more.

RKLauncher provides its users with many functions in a tiny application which does not even require a proper installation.

10. LogonStudio

While you might be able to find many programs that allow you to customize and modify almost any aspect of the desktop, you might not be able to find any program which will customize you logon screen. With LogonStudio, you can begin the personalization process right from your Windows Logon screen and add to the visual appeal of your system:


LogonStudio lets you choose from a range of Logon Wallpapers it has in itself, from its online library, and from your own computer digital images:


LogonStudio is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Separate setup files exist for each operating system so make sure you download the right one.

That ends our list of noteworthy Windows customization tools. Surely you would have found a couple of these programs tempting enough to try. Do not hesitate to try those appealing applications and personalize your overall computer experience.

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