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Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 29, 2009


Beyond411 is the fastest way to look up business listings, driving directions, and web pages on your Blackberry. It can even search based on your exact location using GPS.
Key Features

Beyond411 provides instant access to Yahoo business pages, maps, and driving directions. Some of its unique features are:

  • Speed: Beyond411 launches and searches faster than other search tools, and reduces the number of keystrokes and clicks required to get things done.
  • GPS support: Beyond411 can do searches and give driving directions based on your current location on compatible phones and carriers. (Please note that GPS in Beyond411 only works in the US and is not available on Verizon– Verizon has disabled GPS access for their users.)
  • Blackberry address book integration: Add results directly to your address book, email search results as a vcard.
  • Interactive search suggestions save typing and include links to relevant business page searches, 1-800 numbers, mobile optimized web pages, podcasts, and reviews.
  • Local prices search using Yokel shopping search.
  • Web search using Yahoo.
  • Local sports, weather, and news.
  • Search Plugins allow you to add and share new kinds of searches.

Point your Blackberry browser at to install


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