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Top 10 Best Free Blackberry Games 2009 by

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 30, 2009

Top 10 Best Free Blackberry Games 2009 by

Blackberry is an awesome business class phone that has become the go to communications device for the business professional. Blackberry also has the potential to keep you entertained while you’re having a down time. What’s more fun to cheer you up than playing games when you’re bored.

Following are some of the many Free Blackberry Games you can download today.

1. Tiny Ninja

Tiny has always wanted to be a Ninja Master . Help Tiny as he takes on his Chuunin, Jounin and Kage level tests. Each level is progressively more challenging, as Tiny learns what it takes to become a Ninja.

2. Battle Monsters

Breed the ultimate monster by entering random battles and challenge your friends through SMS Multiplayer Battle System.

3. Dope Wars

A classic game where you sell drugs to rack up money. Dope Wars is an excellent time filler for when your stuck on public transport and bored.. Similar to a share market game but with the black market – an awesome idea.

4. Taxi

Drive your taxi around the city to pick up and deliver pedestrians, to squish the aforementioned pedestrians or to race to the next checkpoint. You will gainmoney for completing each of these missions which you can use to buy new taxis. There are 7 different taxis available. This game has 3 different cities to explore with 20 missions each.

5. Mario

RimMario is a clone of the original Super Mario Brothers for NES. How cool is that? The scroll wheel moves Mario left and right. Click the wheel to make Mario jump.

6. Fear of the Dark

A princess has been arrested by an army of dangerous, dark creatures. She needs your help. You, as a prince,have to rescue her by exploring all the huge worlds. Avoiding the fatal traps at all costs. Kill the dangerous dark creatures i.e zombies, werewolfs, death, phalanx, and other dangerous monsters.

7. Tetris

This is one of the eldest and the most classical computer game Tetris. If you enjoyed aligning the irregularly shaped blocks into perfect lines before, then you’ll feel right at home playingBlackBerry Tetris.

8. Texas Hold’em Poker

Aces Texas Hold’em® – No Limit has been described as having the best AI of any Texas Hold’em poker game available, with human-like instincts your opponents bluff like the real deal. Dial up your opponents skill level to see how good a player you can be.

9. BlackJack

This version of Blackjack from Magmic Games is only in black and white, it is just as enjoyable hitting, staying, and doubling-down on your hands using a BlackBerry as it would be in full color.If you play a tight, smart game of Blackjack you can even the odds against the house. Taking big risks is your ticket: watching the cards carefully and choosing the right time to risk it all.

10. Hearts

A standard deck of 52 playing cards is used. The objective is to have the lowest score when the game ends. Points are assigned to the queen of spades and all hearts, and thus players attempt to avoid capturing them

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