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Slacker Free radio app for Blackberry Storm

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 31, 2009

Slacker Free radio app for Blackberry Storm

Slacker is a free radio app for Blackberry Storm. If you do not know about Slacker, you are missing one of the best apps. In early days Blackberry Storm was usinga Slacker originally designed for trackball devices. It worked but there were many bugs. Now we have a new version of Slacker. The new version is completly compatible with blackberry storm and was designes keeping Storm in mind.


Slacker is one of the best app for Storm and you can listen to hundred of songs and stuff using this app. The new version has some cool features including saving the songs on your storm so you can listen them offline and whenever you want to. The sound quality is much better. It is completely free to download so give it a try and you will love Slacker.
Download: Point your Blackberry browser to OR go to Slacker in your computer.


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