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Top 40 best free Blackberry games by

Posted by freeappsblackberry on December 31, 2009

Top 40 best free Blackberry games by

Top 40 best free BlackBerry gamesWhen people hear “BlackBerry”, they tend to think of some stuffy business executive who never has any fun. Well, after reading this you’ll never thing that again!

We’ve gathered up 40 different games which are perfect for the BlackBerry and all the varied tastes of those who own them. Race around in a taxi picking up fares, shoot some monsters, pop some bubbles… there’s something here for all gaming tastes! By no means is this a complete list of all the games out there, but hopefully it will give you a good jumping off point to explore the games out there for the BlackBerry handsets.

Due to the numerous versions of BlackBerry handsets, you will need to check the compatibility of yours before downloading, or making sure you grab the correct version.

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Free BlackBerry Action Games

3D Attack Chopper 2: A down-view 3D game where you fly an attack helicopter against your enemies. This game allows you to save at any time, so no worries about taking a phone call! Be warned, each time you complete the game it will get harder for you the next time through.

Adventures Of Aggto: A dungeon exploration game done in the old platform style. You must help recover the golden keys that the serpents stole.

BermudaTriangle: The game marks out a location to move your ship to and you need to avoid the mines as you try to reach the destination and receive your orders for the next.

Doom: A limited remake of the original Doom that looks very 8-bit, but in a fun way. The game does include some cheat codes 1234568* – skip level, 20042005 – godmode, 20040518 – finish, 12121212.

Duum: Duum is a remake of Wolfenstein 3D, but there is no explanation we can find anywhere of why the heck they called it “Duum”.

Fear of the Dark: Like a classic console adventure game, Fear of the Dark revolves around a princess being captured by a host of evil creatures, and you, as a prince, must rescue her while battling your way through the hordes on various maps.

Flight Path: Fly a plane through rings as they come at you by using the built-in accelerometer of the BlackBerry Storm.

Future Force: A side scrolling space action game where you fight against 50 different enemies that come at you from multiple directions. You can upgrade your ship, weapons and shields as you progress through the game.

Galactic Attack: A basic space shooter where you have to shoot the obstacles while avoiding the enemy fire.

Raupe ab!: The dyke on the island is about to break, and when that happens everyone will be flooded out! You need to use the construction equipment to move the rocks and strengthen the dyke before it bursts. Spread through out the map are boxes with items that may help you, like a second bulldozer.

Rusk: A labyrinth-action game set in space where you have to defend the confederation from invading forces and other spaceships that are out to stop you from doing your job.

Sinfah’s Lair: A side-scrolling platform style game about a space explorer that crash lands on a planet and must fight his way through six levels to defeat the robot overlords of the planet he ended up on.

Tiny Ninja: Ninja in Training: Help the tiny ninja get through his training sessions so he can become a full-fledged ninja.

Zelda: Based on the ultra-popular adventure game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. While certain aspects of the gameplay has changed, the same basic concept of fighting your way through a kingdom to rescue a princess.

Zombie Buster: Your trapped in a house with some friends… and some zombies. Explore the house looking for more ammo for your guns while shooting zombies. Be careful, if you run out of ammo, or shoot your friends three times, you lose.

Free BlackBerry Arcade Games

Asteroids: based on the classic 1980’s arcade game of the same name, you fly a little triangular starship through an asteroid field attempting to blow the bigger rocks in to smaller pieces, and trying not to get hit while doing it.

Bomber: A remake of the old Bomberman game. The goal of the game is to plant bombs to kill your enemies, and running away before they explode.

Pac-Man: One of the first video games to really solidify the entertainment in popular culture comes to your BlackBerry. You know the premise: little yellow guy gets chased by ghosts until he eats a magic pill so that they turn blue and then he can eat them. Yes, the concept is odd, but it’s a classic any way.

Q-SpaceInvaders: The first video game to really capture the imagination of the public, this version of Space Invaders keeps everything you loved in the game from the slowly descending enemies, to the disappearing shield blocks.

Free BlackBerry Board Games

Checkers Fever: A basic Checkers game that allows you to play against your mobile device.

Chess: A chess application that allows you to play against either an artificial intelligence or against others using the same game. The more you play, the higher your rank will become in the community built around this game.

Chess Puzzles: Chess Puzzles isn’t a full chess game, but it allows you to download various chess puzzles and solve them offline at any time you want.

Free BlackBerry Card Games

Blackjack: The classic casino game comes to your BlackBerry. This version allows you to bet, hit, stand, split, or double down with blackjacks paying 3:2 and all other winnings paying 1:1.

Classic Solitaire: It doesn’t get more basic than the old style solitaire with its seven starting columns.

FreeCell: Start with four free spaces to move you cards around and try to get each suit to its corresponding pile at the top. It’s part card game, part solitaire and partially a puzzle game.

Hearts: The classic 4-player card game of Hearts is now on your Blackberry, and it follows all of the traditional rules of this well loved game.

Spider Solitaire: A solitaire game involving ten piles of randomized cards that has you arranging them in order by suit and then moving them off the board once you complete a run of cards.

Free BlackBerry Puzzle Games

Brik-Link: A variation on the basic concept of Twitter except that even if a piece fits, you need to make sure the pipes on each brick needs to have their open ends connecting to make a continuos system.

Lights Out: A puzzle game where you attempt to turn off all of the lights, but as you toggle one off, those touching it turn on. It looks easy, but you quickly realize it isn’t. This game is for the BlackBerry Storm only.

Rubix Redux: It’s like a Rubik’s Cube, but laid out in 2D. You can choose how many colored squares you want to work towards solving along with what colors you want to use.

Sameness: This game has gone by many names over the years, but it is always the same basic concept: remove clusters of colored balls to there are no more clusters to be removed, but beware the screen keeps filling up with more lines.

StormSimon: Based on the colored light game from the 1970’s, the game shows you lights in sequence and then you have to copy them. With each round more lights are added and it gets tougher to memorize them all.

Sudoku: The challenging puzzle game where you try to arrange numbers so you never have two of the same number sharing a row on the grid.

Yet Another Tetris: Of course there is a Tetris game on this list, there is a Tetris game on every list. This particular version has ten levels with various difficulty levels and a next piece preview.

Free BlackBerry Racing Games

Driving Mania: Drive through the courses as quickly as you can while avoiding the other cars on the road. Do remember if you drive too carefully you’ll run out of time for completing the course, so you need ot find a balance between speed and accuracy.

Mudik Driving: Race your car through the streets trying to pick up goodies, but remember that you can’t have any accidents if you want to complete the level. With each level your car speeds up, and traffic becomes more dense, so be prepared.

Opposite Lock: This particular game is a trial only, but it is still a large experience in that you can choose from ten different maxed-out, street legal racers and then race around three different tracks on practice, tournament and time-trial settings.

Taxi!: Race your taxi through three different cities that each have twenty levels. As you race around the levels you pick up and deliver pedestrians to earn money, but you can also earn more by running over other people on the streets! As you earn more money you can buy new taxis, which there are seven of in total.

Free BlackBerry Sports Games

Condetsoft Pool: Play pool against your phone’s AI and win virtual money.

FightClub: A basic 2D fighting game where you try to become the best in the fight club.



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