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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 30 : How to master reset/wipe a Blackberry Strom

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 1, 2010

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How to master reset/wipe a Blackberry Strom

If you own a Blackberry Storm. Either Verizon or unlocked. There might come a time where you need to master reset the device. Well as confusing as it is. I’m gonna tell ya how to do it. I’ll also explain how to keep 3rd party programs if you want.


Step 1: At the home screen of your Storm. Highlight and click the Options menu (little wrench).

Step 2: Go to Security Options. Highlight and click.

Step 3: Then click on General Settngs.

Step 4: You’ll then see your General Settings menu. Click the Blackberry menu button (Button on the bottom of phone next to the green call button)

Step 5: When the menu comes up. You’ll see “Wipe Handheld”. Click it and another menu should show up saying. “Warning, all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be turned off” You’ll see a check box that says “Include third party applications” If you check that box. It will remove all downloaded apps. ie; Myspace mobile, Facebook, ect. If you wish to keep those. DO NOT check the box! recommend only checking the box if you have some downloaded apps that are making your device run slow, and are effecting the performance. This way you can clean it all out and start over.

Step 6: Click Continue. Then type “Blackberry” into the confirmation box. then hit Enter/Return on the key pad.

Step 7: Once it confirms and starts resetting the device. Just set it down and don’t touch it for about 10-15min. Let the phone do it’s job. Once all that’s done and it fully resets. You will have to redo all custom settings.

Tips & Warnings:

Wiping hand held resets it back to factory specs.

Only use if you must

It’s easier to just delete/uninstall apps to locate the performance problem.

If that don’t help. Then use the reset feature.

Again. Will reset all custom settings back to factory.

You will have to set it up all over again to your liking. ie; Home screen icon placement, hidden icons you’ll have to re-hide, and themes.


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