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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 32 : How to save your Blackberry from water damage

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 3, 2010

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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 32 : How to save your Blackberry from water damage

As we sync our lives with the latest technology, we find ourselves lost when something bad happens to our Blackberry or Cell Phone. If you’ve ever had the wet phone experience, or are having it now you know that you’ll do anything to salvage your contacts and phone. You have to be pretty quick about saving your phone from water damage and while not promised it is possible to recover without buying a new phone.


Things You’ll Need:
  • A wet phone Lot’s of hope Step 1

Get it out of the water! As soon as the phone is wet it’s go time. There are many points on your device that will let water in easily so beware. The most damage occurs at the power source. But try not to panic.

Step 2

Remove the battery as soon as possible. Most of the circuits can survive a little dip in water but not any of them or those attached to power. So if you want to save your phone take the battery out.

Step 3

Next, take out your SIM card. This will hopefully allow you to save your contacts so that worse comes to worse, you still have the data. Pat it dry and once it’s completely dry put it in an envelope to protect.

Step 4

Remove all the covers and connections so that all of the slots and gaps are open to allow the moisture to escape.

Step 5

Now it’s time to dry your phone. Remove as much as you can. Shake it to get as much of the water out- don’t drop your phone! Then use a paper towel to “wick” the water out of the cracks. This is something that will really help if you are patient.

Step 6

Sit the phone in rice. You are trying to pull the moisture out. Any moisture trapped is going to lessen your chances of recovery. If you don’t want to sit the phone directly in rice put a paper towel underneath. Wait 2-4 hours replace anything moist and let sit for another 3 hours.

Step 7

After a day test your phone by plugging it into the charger without the battery. But I’m serious; you have to wait a day. If you can’t, go out and buy a replacement. If that works, try it with the battery. If this doesn’t work you can try bringing it to your carrier but they can tell if it got wet so don’t pretend it just stopped working.

Step 8

If your phone is working but still acting weird this may be because the phone is still holding water, use contact spray or cleaning alcohol on the contacts.

Tips & Warnings

If your phone was in salt water, rinse it with fresh water before the salt dries.

Never apply heat. If you use a blow-dryer only have it set to cool with cool shot. Warm air can ruin your phone.


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