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SMap for BlackBerry

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 5, 2010

SMap for BlackBerry

SMap for BlackBerry phones has been developed specifically for the BlackBerry platform and allows you to record and manage your running, hiking, cycling, MTB or sailing routes and easily upload them onto the Sanoodi web-site live via GPRS or later when you connect your BlackBerry to your desktop computer.


Features of SMap for BlackBerry:

  • Two screens: a Pace Screen and a route Summary Screen. Displays your route distance, average Speed, current speed, elevation, pace in time/unit of distance, and total route duration
  • Ability to use SMap offline or online with GPRS
  • Multiple user accounts on the same device
  • An elevation Snap Shot (GPRS only)
  • Export your routes as GPX or KML files to internal or SD storage
  • Multiple Activity types that can be updated from the Sanoodi website
  • Unlike most other GPS devices SMap simplifies your route as it is being recorded.
  • If you have paused your route and forget to restart recording when you set off SMap for BlackBerry has a Pause reminder Distance alert (vibration).
  • Miles or Kilometres? record your route in imperial or metric
  • Want to manage the routes that you have recorded? With SMap you can review your routes, delete routes from device
  • Need to send your current position, your Lat Long to someone? SMap 1.6 allows you to copy your current lat long into your clipboard for easy and reliable texting or e-mailing

You can download it free from the OTA link


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