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Free Blackberry Themes OS 4.7 Touch screen

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 7, 2010

Free Blackberry Themes OS 4.7 Touch screen

Convective Circles is designed to work with ANY wallpaper while still maintaining the theme structure, aesthetics and feel. It contains four hidden buttons (calendar, manage connections, clock and options), an applications list button and Today screen with 7 changeable Application icons. The stock icons are a shrunken Bold set, including the glow effect. And I’m going to level with you, it even looks good with the stock theme’s default picture (you know, that lightning bolt dealio?).

Convective Circle_1 OTA free download

  • The theme homescreen is skinned with four fixed (regardless of wallpaper) background images which contain the clock, signals, unread icon indicator and battery meter while serving as anchors for hidden buttons.
  • Unread Icons – Application List
  • Signals – Manage Connections
  • Battery – Options
  • Clock – Well…the clock.
  • Date – Calendar
  • The 7 homescreen application icons are ordered counter-clockwise beginning from the upper left side of the screen and thence to follow the order on the user’s application list. Below the date/clock combination sits a small and out of the way profiles icon which also features the glow effect when focused upon.
  • Convective is designed to minimize leaving the homescreen by making it as functional as possible while still maintaining a minimal memory impact. Weighing in at 367 kb, it’s lighter than most premium themes which the same functionality.
  • The remaining part of the interface is skinned much to the same effect as my previous theme, Black and White Corner Stack.

Minimum Requirements:

  • OS 4.7

Display Dimensions
Operating System
4.7 Touch Screen


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