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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 36 : How to troubleshoot a Blackberrycurve battery that refuses to charge

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 7, 2010

Tips & Tricks Blackberry 36 : How to troubleshoot a Blackberrycurve battery that refuses to charge

Ok so we have all been there. You might be down to your last bar or at least some where close to there. Your phone is about to run out of battery and you pull out the charge cord. You go back an hour later depending on your phone as your life line and it fails. There are quite a few reasons your phone did not charge properly and they are included below.


  • Step 1

    When your blackberry phone is your lifeline for work or for play you can be very disappointed but should not get frustrated. Start with the basics. Take your battery out of your phone and leave it out for 10 plus seconds and then put it back in. Once your phone turns on then attempt to check the battery level. Click the application button to the left of the track ball and locate the wrench icon. This is the options screen. Highlight the icon and double click. Once you are in select “status”. The % of charge will be the second line under battery. Attempt to charge again if there is no progress after about 15 minutes then continue with the troubleshooting.

  • Step 2

    Next try to reseat the charge cord. Each charge cord for each phone has its weaknesses as it gets used. Be sure to make a strong steady connection and some have a noise that you can associate to the action of phone is charging verses taking it off the cord. If the light lights up for the charge sign on the screen (the little plug) it could still be toast. Allow charging for at least 15 minutes and if it does not appear to have any change in the % of batter then move on to the next step.

  • Step 3

    I would also suggest stepping into your local cell phone store. Most of these stores want to sell you something so if they can prove that it is your cell phone or possibly a bad cord. Most cell phone stores offer a trial cord or battery that you can use for testing purposes only when you come in. Once you know which one it is this makes the finding a part easy. A very small amount of time and you have what could be considered almost a brand new phone.


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