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Why BlackBerry over iPhone?

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 7, 2010

Why BlackBerry over iPhone?

Q: Why BlackBerry over iPhone?

Hey guys, im an iphone user but im not trying to stir up something. Just wanted to know, why did you choose the BlackBerryBold over the iPhone. I’ve done careful research before purchasing the iPhone and found that the iphone(imo) totally surpass almost everything the BlackBerry can do.

Other than better email support and battery life, may i know why you chose the BBb over the iPhone?

A : Because I could afford a BlackBerry whereas the iPhone was alot more expensive.

B : I would have had to change networks to get an iphone.

I like the network I’m on.

When getting my Bold, (8 months ago) the iphone still didnt have MMS.

I prefer the physical keyboard.

I didnt want to pay a ridiculas amount of money.

C : Phone reception is alot better then an iphone. the iphone expierences alot more dropped calls.

D : I don’t like a touch screen. Physical keyboard is much more desirable. Also, security on the iPhone is almost non-existent: RIM’s security keeps me sleeping at night.

E : I own both devices. They are both excellent!

You must ask yourself what you are buying the device for. The BB is far better for email, SMS, IM and PINning (which the iphone can’t do at all.) It is also better for typing and text entry, so if you plan to enter do a lot of data and information entry on the device . . . choose the BB.

F :I think that, had the iPhone 3G-S arrived at the same time as the Bold, this story would look much different. However, nothing can negate the fact that, when the Bold was released, the current-gen iPhone could not MMS, could not copy-and-paste, etc., while the BlackBerry cost less and could.

G : Security and Email.

H : I like the BB been using for years. Stability,security and it does what I need it to do and more!

Plus this fantastic support community. I’m sure iphone has one somewhere

Physical keyboard is a plus ability to replace my battery and facilitate most repairs with out manufacturers help is a plus as well

I : Blackberry has:

Wireless Backup, Does use less bandwidth and money, real keyboard, tight integration with exchange server, VPN to home network, better remote management, keyboard shortcuts, autotext, SD-Card support, multitasking.

The blackberry is the office remotely in your hand, the iPhone is a nice entertainer.

J : With the BlackBerry being my first smartphone, I feel that some brand loyalty plays in to my keeping the device. More so, however, is that I feel I don’t need to change as the BlackBerry fills my current needs. It is available on my network (T-Mobile), it is stable, able to natively multi-task and has good battery life. I am also a fan of the physical keypad at this time. My media needs are met by the default media player and camera. So the BlackBerry works great for what I need.

K : I have a Storm and an Ipod Touch. The Storm can do everything the Iphone can do . I find that typing on the touch is harder to do than on my Storm. I also find myself using my Storm more and more for all of my media playing. The screen is great, and it plays all sorts of video and audio. With Blackberry media sync, I get all the music from my Itunes account.

Plus, I must be honest, ATT sucks as a network here in Nebraska, so they are a non-option. Maybe when the Iphone comes to Verizon, we may see more adopted, but I’ll stick with Blackberry. Email is the best hands down, and I like the company a whole lot better than Apple.

L : Because I send 30-50 emails per day, plus some text messages and MMS messages, the physical keypad on the BlackBerry is reason enough to skip the iPhone. And I’m the biggest Mac fan you’re likely to find. I have a PowerMac desktop computer (typing on it now), several PowerBooks, a MacBook, Apple TV, TimeCapsule, about a gazillion iPods, and sundry other Apple products. But the virtual keypad on the iPhone makes it a total non-starter for me.

If your focus is email-based communication, BlackBerry has no equal.


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