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Features of BlackBerry OS 5.0

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 8, 2010

Features of BlackBerry OS 5.0

*Sending/sharing files now is easier with a simple Send/Share button dedicated as opposed to the classic menu displaying every method right there
* Documents to Go finally updated: the icons appear to be different only as ZDNet confirms so there is no word on an official upgrade, but we wouldn’t be surprised
* Better power management: finally commands such as ALT + Right Shift + Delete and QuickPull apps are no longer required as shutting of the device is a given rather than a luxury!

* Device statistics: shows all the memory in your BlackBerry and where it is being used.
* Enhanced music player: looks a little different as we expect to see enhanced features such as album cover downloading
* Easier wiping: a simple yet secure way of removing certain bits or all data from your BlackBerry
* Advanced profile settings: simpler categorised tones and alerts with more complex combination of settings
* Voice dialing improvements: with playback name, speed and volume settings
* New media folder: separating out your media into distinct areas instead of a media center (what a convenience)
* Enhanced searching: much clearer in what you are searching for with a white-on-black search bar
* Details on media: picture names and date taken highlighted on pictures taken with the camera;
* Web browser improvements: a better looking start screen with address bar and search functions
* Customizable web search: select from pre-configured search engines (Yahoo! by default, probably won’t be now this has happened) or configure your own
* Embedded media support: integrating embedded media into your mobile browsing experience
* Google Gears included: allowing online and offline sessions to merge to speed up browsing
* Home screen preferences: lets you set the download folder, change the home screen layout, set the theme or wallpaper and reset the icon arrangement all from one screen.
* Today screen: which includes your latest messages, missed calls and your upcoming calendar
* Default account management: allowing you to choose service books for specific and priority calendars and message servers
* GPS management: including location aiding which bridges location accuracy using the network and easing the burden on the battery without using GPS all the time
* New icons: still the same user experience as before so it won’t throw you off but more precise icons


The official today theme on OS 5.0 appears to have Messages, Missed Calls, and Calendars rockin’ some pretty smooth fonts. The header portion appears to be the same, as it never bothered anyone. Bottom Docked themes just weren’t cutting it after all this time. ZDNet put together a list as to what the new OS has to offer for you with brief descriptions along with some excellent screenshots. There are indeed more screenshots, but we’re sharing the cool ones that everyone will overall benefit from. Continue reading to see the official details.







2 Responses to “Features of BlackBerry OS 5.0”

  1. thoni K said

    thank for info..
    my i know how to get driver for upgrade OS v5 for curve 8520 and bold 9700?

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