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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 47: Pearl for keyboard use

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 19, 2010

Tips & Tricks Blackberry Pearl for keyboard use

Loads of tips and tricks are available in this article so that you can make full use of the keyboard functions efficiently!

Following are some the cool keyboard tips that you can check out in your Blackberry Pearl.
Locking Keyboard: Press the star (*) key to lock your keyboard while you are on the home screen.
Unlocking Keyboard: Pres star (*) and click on Send to unlock your keyboard.
BB2.jpg BB31.jpg
Switching application: Hold the Alt key and press the back key. You will get screen with the application, select the one you want.
Exiting Screen: To exit a screen, or if you want to move a page back when your browsing press the back () key.
Typing a number in a password field: Hold the Alt key and then press the number key to type a number in the password field.


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