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Blackberry tips & tricks 48 : Release BlackBerry PIN in 5 minutes

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 21, 2010

In several countries we often encounter difficulties when we would like to switch our BIS Carrier.
A bunch of reasons why they couldn’t release our BlackBerry PIN or probably the carrier need days to do it, while we needed the PIN to be released ASAP.

Is it possible to release the BlackBerry PIN by ourselves without dealing with customer service officer from the carrier?

The aswer is Yes..! we will show you how to release your BlackBerry PIN in “Release BlackBerry PIN in 5 minutes”

Before performing this tutorial, please do remember Do At Your Own Risk

Let’s start…

For instance your Blackberry PIN is registered to ROGERS and you want it to be released in the next 5 minutes or even less, then you’ll need another ROGERS account (could be anyone’s account) so let’s say your PIN is ‘PIN A’ and the other one is ‘PIN B’.

Step 1: you’ll sign in to ‘PIN B’ account at At the left hand side of the screen below settings, you’ll find and select ‘change device’ then enter ‘PIN A’ in the device pin bar and ‘PIN A’s IMEI’ in the Device IMEI/ESN/MEID bar and click SAVE.

Step 2: Send service books and wait until ‘PIN A’ device received “Email account information” from Activation server which actually belong to ‘PIN B’. This process should take less then a minute.

After finishing step 2, ‘PIN A’ is registered to account that belongs to ‘PIN B’ and ‘PIN B’ has no BIS account.

Step 3: After receiving those emails, you’ll have to perform ‘change device’ process one more time to start “kicking” PIN A out of any carrier by entering ‘PIN B’ into the device pin bar and ‘PIN B’s IMEI’ in the device IMEI/ESN/MEID bar and clik SAVE. Send service book and wait until ‘PIN B’ device received the “Email account information” from Activation server.

After finishing step 3, ‘PIN A’ is “freed” and ‘PIN B’ is back to it’s regular activities.


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