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HOT NEWS : Tips & tricks Hack 90% of BlackBerry Trial versions: Time Hack Method

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 21, 2010

Dear Friends,

Almost of trial blackberry software are time limited function, in order to make the trial longer instead of 7 days you can have 70000 days, unlimited access.
once downloading trials from their official websites or some online store follow those instruction:

1- Change the date on your blackberry to a date in the future a few years or however long you’d like (ex: jan 1th 2020)
2- Make sure to make source off
3- Restart your BB with battery pull
4- Install all trials you want,
5- Open the applocation
6- Close it and restart your devise with battery pull
7- Change date back to normal.
8- Enjoy!

Note : but be careful, sometimes make your email can’t synchronize with the email server after that please back up your blackberry include backup third party apps regulary … just do it with ur own risk !!!

Note: if you already installed the software before changing the date, its unnecessary to change the date and reinstall it again, there is only one sollution: “Wipe the device”, try it on your own risk.

———————-Wipe the device————-

1- Uninstall the application that you want to hack using the time hack method

Now we will back up all data:

2- Connect your phone to your desktop manager
3- Chose backup and restaure in the menu -> backup
4- safe your back up on a file, (contacts, notes, tasks, email, personal date, …….everything)
5- now disconnect your blackberry
6- You can also back up your serials and activation codes, just note it in a paper

now the wipe

7- Go to options > Security Options > General Settings > Menu (blackberry menu key) > Wipe handheld
8- the device will ask you to include or not the third party applications, dont check it (if you check it you will lose all installed apps)
9- press continue
10- now write “blackberry” (without quotes “, its just to prevent kids from wiping your phone)
11- pull your battery to restart the phone again

Now connect your phone to the DM to restaure your data

12- Connect your phone to your desktop manager
13- Chose backup and restaure in the menu -> restaure
14- select the file you saved and confirm

Now your blackberry is same before, you can try the time hack method


One Response to “HOT NEWS : Tips & tricks Hack 90% of BlackBerry Trial versions: Time Hack Method”

  1. said

    how I make the source off?
    thank you

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