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Free 8220 Kick Start Flip themes.

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 23, 2010

Free 8220 Kick Start Flip themes.

Instead of looking at those generic themes you get with Blackberries you should download some new, custom themes made by developers. I’ve had some cool ones in my time.

Many themes are made to resemble a popular movie, a video game or given good effects such as Neon or X-ray. Other themes will transform your Blackberry into a Windows Mobile lookalike or just create something so weird you just have it keep it.

All that said, it can cost you, these themes. The average theme can cost anywhere between $5-$10 which can get annoying if you like to change things up often. It’s like a sting in the tail; having already paid hundreds of dollars of your hard earned cash just to get the phone, you now have to pay more to make it your own. But I’ve found three sites that will let you download free Blackberry themes that look just as good as any of the other themes.

Download 8220 Flip Zip


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