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Tips & Tricks Blackberry 54 : How to email pictures from your cell phone

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 27, 2010

Tips & Tricks Blackberry : How to email pictures from your cell phone

Emailing pictures from your cell phone to your email can be very beneficial when you don’t have a memory card for your cell phone. This is also very helpful to people who don’t have facebooks or myspaces. Emailing photos from cell phones can help to keep your family updated when you live far away. Emailing pictures from your cell phone is rather easy.


Things You’ll Need:
  • Cell phone with picture texting
  • Email address
  • Step 1

    First you need to open your phone camera, but instead of taking a picture, click on the “my picture” option.

  • Step 2

    Once you have your camera open, select one photo you would like to send to your email. This also works with sending pictures to your friends or family. Instead of your own, just enter their email.

  • Step 3

    Select your “picture text” option.

  • Step 4

    Instead of texting in a number to send the picture to, like you normally would, text in your email address. You may add text with a picture to remind yourself what it is a picture of. Send your picture.

  • Step 5

    Continue to do this till you have sent all the pictures you need to. Then check your email to get your pictures. Save them to your computer, and then you can upload them to any place you want. Sometimes pictures can come out pixilated but for people with out memory cards this is the next best thing.


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