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BlackBerry and its wonderful Theme Builder

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 30, 2010

The software BlackBerry Theme Studio was launched by Research In Motion in November last year. It was launched at the BlackBerry Developer Conference which was held in San Francisco. Since its release, the software is known to have been downloaded more than 110,000 times in just the first month, as reported by the BlackBerry in its press release. Officially known as the Theme Studio 5.0, its numbers of downloads were reported as 100,000 in the first week.

Whatever the case may be, the software serves the purpose of allowing users to customize the home screen, the application list, dialog boxes, title bars and a number of elements related to user interface like the fonts and the colour of the background. So if there is something about your BlackBerry like the position of the battery or the font of the display clock, the software will empower you to change that to the way you desire. Basically, the Theme Studio has the potential to let you renovate your BlackBerry starting from the way it looks, sounds and the navigational properties. Though BlackBerry was not confident about the people whom the product was targeted for, it aims to hit the large number of teenagers and business-oriented customers.

The software is available for free downloading from the BlackBerry App World website. Using the Theme Builder the themes that you create can be uploaded on the BlackBerry AppWorld. However it requires that you register yourself first and your theme satisfies certain criteria as laid down by BlackBerry like absence of porn and unauthorized images. To use the software, you need to log the type of BlackBerry phone that you are designing for. The Theme Builder resembles the Photoshop a lot. There’ a preview panel on the left which shows what you are creating. You can make changes using a very complex panel on the left. Despite the complexity, the software allows you to make changes in the font, image, sound, animation and colour. It does not provide any pre-loaded pictures, so you need to use the ones available on your computer. Another useful feature is tat the software is compatible with both Photoshop and GIMP.

Owing to its complexity, the Theme Builder will require the user to spend a lot of time to get accustomed to its features. Hence, the software is unlikely to become popular among the customers of BlackBerry.

Website: BlackBerry theme Studio


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