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Blackberry tips & tricks 57 :How To Activate BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut

Posted by freeappsblackberry on January 30, 2010

I often encouter this question “how to access IM, browser, calender without scrolling over and over the menu list?” here I will show you how to do it..

Simply click Green ‘Dial‘ button > BlackBerry Menu > Options > General Options

Switch the ‘Dial From Home Screen’ option to NO

Now your BlackBerry Shortcuts have been activated, I’m gonna show you how it works.

For instance, you can just simply press ‘B’ to enter you browser and start browsing, why ‘B’?

In some applications such as IM, Browser, Calendar, Contacts, Calculator etc. when there’s an underlined letter, it means the application can be accessed by shortcut. For instance, in the browser menu the letter B is underlined.

List of Shortcuts:

  • B – Browser
  • C – Compose
  • F – Profiles
  • G – GTalk
  • K – Lock Screen
  • L – Calendar
  • M -Messages
  • N – Blackberry Messenger
  • O – Options
  • Q – Qsms (3rd party application)
  • R – Alarm (Works in 83xx)
  • T – Task
  • U – Calculator
  • X – Windows Live Messenger
  • Y – Yahoo Messenger

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