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Blackberry tips & tricks 61 : BlackBerry Writing and Media Shortcuts

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 3, 2010


Press Space key twice – Insert a period (next letter is capitalized)
Hold letter key – Capitalize a letter (holding capitalizes)
Hold Alt key and Character key – type an alternate character on a key
Hold letter key and roll trackball up and down – Type an accented or special character
Hold Alt and press number key – Type a number in a password field
Press Alt and Left Shift key – Turn on NUM Lock
Press Alt key and Right Shift key – Turn on CAP lock
Press Shift key – Turn off NUM or CAP lock
Press Space key – Insert an @ or a period when typing in e-mail address field
Press Symbol key – Type a symbol
Press Shift and roll Trackball – Highlight a line of text
Press Escape key – Cancel text selection
Press Shift key and the Delete key – Cut highlighted text
Press Alt key and click Trackball – Copy highlighted text
Press Shift key and click Trackball – Paste highlighted text


Press Mute – Pause a video or song
Press Mute – Resume playing paused video or song
Press N – Play the next song
Press P – Play the previous song
Press L – Rotate a picture
Prees Z – Zoom 200% on a picture
Press R – Zoom in on a picture
Press C – Zoom out on a picture
Press E – Move up on zoomed picture
Press X – Move down on zoomed picture
Press W- Return to the original picture size

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