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Buzzoff—the firewall for the coming calls

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 3, 2010

Buzzoff-the firewall for the coming calls

Among all blackberry programs which have functions of blocking unknown coming calls or unnecessary phone number. This is a newly unique program with the functions of answering and hanging up. The main character is to block coming calls and prevent the voicemails. The callers can just hear from the carrier frequency or busy signal of information.

You can also select the phone number to block from the Call Log, Messages and Address Book application. Just select Block Caller from the menu and select the type of block you want.

This program just sold $2.99.The Storm users have to prohibit compatible mode which is the requirement from the labels of program options.


* Block any phone number
* Block unknown or private callers
* Block wildcard. eg: 1800* will block all calls starting with 1800
* Pickup and Hangup.Do not allow caller to leave you a voice mail
* Quick block marketing callers: eg: 1800, 1866, 1877 and 1888 callers
* Match last digits in the number. This feature is useful for International users where you can tell BuzzOff to match on the last 3-10 digits in the phone number
* Integrate with Call Log, Messages and Address Book apps.Block caller directly in these apps
* Very small footprint only 50K
* Easy to use
* Works on OS 4.2 and higher

Click here to download the BuzzOff App ( premium apps )

There are also free apps for Call blocker, please click



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