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Migrating Smartphones: Switching from iPhone to BlackBerry

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 4, 2010


Something not often talked about is iPhone users migrating to BlackBerry. Customer satisfaction among iPhone users is very high. The reason for such a good score is that relatively little goes wrong with an iPhone. The iPhone is both simple and elegant in it’s software and hardware design, making for a trouble-free, and rewarding user experience.

Apple has build their reputation marketing their products as the “alternative” to the woes of mainstream computing. Throughout the company’s history, there have been several ad campaigns inviting people to switch platforms to Apple. Having a platform focused on ease of use, simple OS design, and a small product lineup has made choosing Apples’ products a “no brainer” kind of choice. To the people who are easily frustrated by traditional computing, it’s a great platform that gives them real piece of mind.

Enter the power user: these are the people with their fingers on the pulse of technology. Blackberry is the ultimate mobile platform for power users. Its rapid-entry keypad, robust multitasking, and utilities are perfectly geared for a quick and lean mobile experience. When migrating from iPhone to BlackBerry you’ll notice a number of fundamental differences, here’s what to expect:

What you’ll miss about the iPhone

The biggest thing you’re going to miss is Apple’s simple and elegant UI. The BlackBerry OS, on the other hand, is a bit finicky. You will become quickly familiar with the term “battery pull” which means there’s some sort of error on your device and the only way to get it working properly again is to fully reset the BlackBerry. Turning your BlackBerry off simply suspends the OS, whereas the battery pull makes the OS restart fresh and clean.

Another thing you’ll miss are some specific apps that you had on your iPhone. As noted in a recent article about the top free and paid apps for BlackBerry and iPhone, you’re going to find the types of apps that are popular on a BlackBerry are very different than an iPhone. In general, the BlackBerry app economy is focused on customization and getting things done, rather than games and party tricks.

What you’ll love about the BlackBerry

The keypad

When I miss a call I usually SMS the caller to let them know I’ll call them later and why I can’t talk right now. My device is usually still ringing by the time I send it. Typing with 2 thumbs on a mobile keypad is somewhere between 30-50% faster than typing on a touchscreen.

Writing in English again

“TTYL, C U L8R @ the mall 8pm?” is all of a sudden: “okay well I’d better be going. Let’s catch up later in the food court okay? I’ll see you around eight!” Maybe I’ve exaggerated my example but my point is you’ll be able to converse with people in a more human way. You’ll also feel more able to converse with someone who’s emailing you from a PC.


Because BlackBerry allows for multi-tasking, you’ll be able to have all your IM clients running in the background. The applications are generally not that resource-intensive making it easy to run many apps in the background. Receiving notifications live as opposed to stopping and switching apps makes all of BlackBerry’s best utilities impossible to use properly on the iPhone.

Sophisticated software

Apple has a lot of rules for 3rd party developers. Not being able to develop software that competes with 1st party apps in any way means that there are whole categories of software that are completely unavailable to iPhone users. BlackBerry on the other hand has 3rd party browsers, media players, configuration software, and themes. Games account for most of iPhones’ sales, while BlackBerry sales are driven mostly by utilities, then themes, then games.


Breaking your screen on a BlackBerry is somewhat of a rarity. I’m reminded of an old timex slogan: “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”.

BlackBerry Culture

BlackBerry users love BlackBerry Messenger, it is the best mobile messaging system in the world. Anything more on this topic would be considered a “spoiler” so I’ll let you discover it for yourself (it’s that good). When you realize a friend of yours also has a BlackBerry, you’ll both get giddy as you add each other as BBM contacts.

Welcome to BlackBerry.


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