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Blackberry tips & tricks 65 :Wipe Your Blackberry Before Selling It

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 7, 2010

Most of BB addicts probably swap or upgrade their blackberry constantly as new models come out or any other phone in particular and what they usually end up doing is either selling it or handing it down to some one. Well what if you have very important data or information, you wouldn’t want the important information in the wrong hands.

There are many ways to delete org wipe your BlackBerry, one of the easiest way to erase your data is by doing it through your BlackBerry menu.

First go to options and click on security options,

Second go to general settings click on it,

Then once you’re in general settings, press menu and select wipe handheld,

once you have done this it will give you a warning that it will loose all data which is what you want specially if your selling the device or trading it, which ever you want to make sure you at least erase all your information from the device.

The other way to wipe your device is to use your computer using soft ware such as using JL cmder to completely nuke the device and you can also use Blackberry Desktop Manager to upload a new OS. Remember you don’t want some one getting a hold of your private information so make sure you always wipe any device you sell or trade. If you have any other tips please about this leave your comments below.


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