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Free Apps Blackberry :Launch Pads v.1.7 [Full Version]

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 8, 2010

screenshot_5.gif screenshot_6.gif

Launch Pads allows the user to not only launch one application from a side-button; It gives you the choice to launch either the Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Camera or Calendar. The new version even allows you to launch own 3rd party applications, websites, calls, SMSs, Mails and Media files!

You have to assign this application to one of the side-button and then when you click the side-button, a list of those items is shown.

Through this, you can avoid changing into the launcher to switch programs, that saves a lot of time! It also gives you the opportunity to launch your favourite web pages!

New update (v1.7):
– ‘New SMS’ function added
– Drop Down Menu for Action-Field
– Font size and style can be set
– Buttons arranged in lines by two
– Profile-Settings can be added to buttons (Vibrate, Silent, Normal)
– New PIN Messages can be created
– Bold support

New update (v1.6.1):
– SMSs can be sent to a predefined number

New update (v1.6):
– Media files can be launched
– Webpages and Numbers can be renamed to normal names
– Help file included in application
– More keyboard-button-functions
– Launch the calendar in month/week/agenda view via the keyboard-buttons
– Switch the Radio on/off via a keyboard-button
– Even launch the buttons with the keyboard
– One handed navigation via the sidebutton, press short for scrolling to the next button, press for 0.5s to launch the button

New update (v1.5):
– Function to send the button-names and modules to your eMail address for backup
– Search Dialog can be launched through the application
– Media application can be launched
– On devices without the menu-button (87xx), press P to reach the preferences and H for help
– Module-List for many applications included in the zip file
– ReadMe included in zip file

New update (v1.4):
– Create new Contacts/Notes/Tasks/Events with just one click
– Preference to show the time in the title
– Bugs fixed
– Open the bluetooth panel

New update (v1.3):
– Webpages can be launched
– Create new mails/sms/calls via one button
– 10 Buttons availible

New update (v1.2):
– Unused Buttons can be removed
– Browser can be launched
– Help file

New update (v1.1):
– The listed programs can be changed
– Any programs can be launched
– You can enter your favourite applications yourself
– Rearrange the order


  • Fast access to applications
  • Launch more then one application via a sidebutton
  • Enter your favourite applications yourself
  • Quick calls can be assigned to the side-button
  • Create new Contacts/Notes/Tasks/Events/PINs/eMails/SMSs with just one click
  • Launch your favourite websites via just a view clicks

Minimum Requirements:

  • 40kb free RAM

Display Dimensions
240 x 160, 240 x 240, 240 x 260, 320 x 240, 480 x 320

Operating System

4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6

OTA Launch Pads v.1.7 [Full Version]

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