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Smrtguard Releases Free Device and personal protection App

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 10, 2010

Most of you are familiar with smrtguard by now since we have mentioned it a few times. We got a chance to test and see this software develop into a powerful app/service.

What you get with the free version

* Remote Track Smartphone

* Remote Data Wipe

* Remote Call-Forward Your Smartphone to Another Number – Useful when you forget your mobile phone at home and need to re-direct call.

* Remote Listen to Your Smartphone
* Loved-one Tracking – Add a loved one as tracker

* Personal Panic Button – Discreetly call emergency people, SMS/Email others when in trouble. One button push!

* SIMCard Protection – When an unregistered SIMCard is used, your smartphone notify you via SMS and/or email message. Tracking will be auto turn on.

Extras with the pro version

*All the features offered with the free version

* Remote track and data wipe

* Remote call forward you phone to another phone

* Migrate/Restore Data (cross platform)

You can get this App for your device by going to


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