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Leaked BlackBerry Application Suite Professional for Windows Mobile

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 13, 2010

bb-windows-mobile We told you about BlackBerry Application Suite (BAS) Professional back in the day when we first got a copy of the application. Now the crack team at the XDA-DEV forums have scored a copy that anybody can download. Thanks to Wakady for putting it out there.

In case you don’t remember BAS lets you run a virtual BlackBerry OS (4.5 if I remember correctly) on Windows Mobile devices. There do seem to be a few caveats the first being that it looks like this version requires a BES server to work. If I remember correctly BAS was supposed to come out in Professional and Personal version one for BES and one for BIS. Right now only the Professional/BES version has leaked.

Wakady also notes that he installed it on TAEL ROM Standard WM 6.5.1 & runs fine. He could not get past the registration screen without a BES connection.

Anybody with a Windows Mobile device want to give it a spin? You can find it at Mediafire at this link.


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