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How to Do a Three-Way Call on a BlackBerry Curve

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 14, 2010

The BlackBerry is a smart phone manufactured by the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM). The phone is designed to be a mobile office with access to email, Internet and other productivity tools. One of the phone’s features that can help you with your work is three-way calling.

Step 1: Dial the fist number and press the green call button to activate the first call. Allow the call to connect.

Step 2: Press the green call button once again after the call is connected. Type the second number you wish to call; press the green call button to dial that number.

Step 3: Press the menu button on the phone once the second call has been connected. Scroll down with the track ball to “Join.” Press the track ball to select this command.

Step 4: Speak to both callers and ask them to speak to each other. When they can hear each other, the calls have been successfully connected.

Tips & Warnings

You can add more than two people to a conversation. Follow the process for each caller you want to add.

As you add more people, the quality of the call may diminish. Don’t add so many people that you will be unable to hear the people on the other end.


One Response to “How to Do a Three-Way Call on a BlackBerry Curve”

  1. micutu said

    I have bb curve 8900, on Orange Romania (pre pay sim card). I tried this, calling 2 of my friends and when I selected “join conference” it gave me an error saying something like ‘service not supported’. This may be because I don’t have BB service enabled, or maybe Orange RO doesn’t support those type of calls 🙂

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