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Blackberrytips & tricks 69 : facebook tips and tricks part 1

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 22, 2010

Getting Started

It is time to get started. Upon clicking the Facebook icon on your BlackBerry display, you will be presented with the following screen:

You will notice that there are seven activity icons positioned across the top of the display. This allows for easy access and an intuitive user experience. Below these activity icons is where your message alerts are displayed. Every time a new alert is sent to your BlackBerry it will be added to this list, with the most recent alert being placed at the top of the list.


Reading Your Facebook Notifications

When you first log into your Facebook application, you will be presented with your most recent notifications arranged in descending order. To view any of these notifications in detail, you simply scroll down until the desired notification is highlighted and click the trackball (or trackwheel).

The subsequent screen will display the full text and images contained in whichever notification you have received. If you are viewing a message from one of your friends, the current message is displayed at the top of your screen and any previous messages from that individual are shown below.


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