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Facebook Application for your BlackBerry

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 22, 2010


Application Facebook at Blackberry is one of top famous. this posting is just to refresh on overview of Facebook apps Blackberry due to in next posting we will discuss detail some tips & tricks including how to some issues on facebook apps blackberry such as : missing notification, can not add friends etc.

Before you download the Facebook Application for your BlackBerry, you will have to ensure that you are meeting the minimum system requirements. You will need:

  • BlackBerry device with 64MB or more of memory.
  • 165KB of available device memory.
  • BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2 or later.
  • A wireless service data plan.
  • In Facebook, change your email settings so that the notification email is sent to an address associated with your BlackBerry.
  • In Facebook, turn on all of the notifications you wish to receive on your BlackBerry.

Getting the new Facebook application for your BlackBerry is quick and painless. Simply head on over to the following URL and click on the “Get Facebook for BlackBerry” button (this url will be presented to BlackBerry users who access from their BlackBerry as well):
Download the Facebook application for BlackBerry smartphones here.

Clicking this link will take you over to the official RIM application download page. Here you will be presented with two options. The first is to enter your email address and have the download information sent to your inbox (be sure to use the email associated with your BlackBerry so you can click the link from your BlackBerry upon receiving it). The second option allows you to complete the download online.

Choose your desired method and click next.

(Note/pet peeve):Once you have completed this process, ideally you would be redirected back to Facebook; however this is not the case. A minor annoyance to be sure, but an easy fix to enhance the user experience. Are you listening RIM?

Assuming you have taken the email (easiest) option, once you have received the email from RIM in your inbox, open it and click the provided link. You will be taken to a Terms of Service (TOS) agreement which you will have to accept before proceeding with your download and install.

After agreeing to the TOS and clicking the install button, you will be prompted to enter your login information for Facebook.

That’s it. You will now see a small Facebook icon on your BlackBerry display. Click this icon and dive into the world of mobile Facebooking!


A quick read of the presented features of this application reveals that, while you are not given access to all of Facebook’s extended feature set, you will have a good portion of the sites core functionality on your BlackBerry. Like with BlackBerry Messenger , you willl see a Facebook icon at the top of your BlackBerry screen whenever you have a new Facebook notification.

You will have access to home screen notifications, presenting you with new messages or wall posts. All of these are presented with full text (unlike to standard mobile notifications via SMS that cut off after a certain amount of words). You can also choose to be notified whenever you get poked by a friend, or if you have been tagged in a new photo that has been uploaded to the network. Friend requests will be delivered straight to your BlackBerry in real time. Now those strangers/stalkers who ask to friend you can be denied right away, saving them the pain and anxiety of waiting for you to log in and deny them later. (This is very considerate of you BTW).

Viewing of your friends list is also placed right there at your fingertips. No more waiting with baited breath until you get to a computer to send your friend a snarky little note, or an update on the great deal on shoes you just found. Simply scroll your list and tap away. The two of you will be trying on those shoes together in no time. I suggest you send a private message though. After all, you don’t want your entire network getting their hands on those adorable Steve Maddens do you?

Photo sharing has been upgraded from its old functionality in mobile Facebook. It is now head and shoulders above the previous method of texting your image to your mobile account. With the Facebook application installed on any BlackBerry featuring a camera (which basically means the Pearl or the Curve), posting a new picture couldn’t be easier. Go ahead, take that picture of your passed out friend after you have artistically a modified their face with a sharpie, an electric razor, and a handful of cheese doodles. One click later and it is on Facebook in all its revealing glory.


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