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Blackberrytips & tricks 70 : facebook tips and tricks part 2

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 23, 2010

Uploading a photo

This feature couldn’t have been made any simpler. In order to upload any photo from you BlackBerry to your Facebook account, all you need to do is click the “upload photo” button.

Once clicked, you will be taken to your image folders on your BlackBerry. You have the option of choosing either a pre-loaded image or one stored in your Device Memory.

Choosing and captioning a photo for upload

Navigate to the desired photo and click the trackball (or trackwheel). You will be presented with a pop-up box which includes a field for “Caption” and a field for the target album. Enter the witty caption that you wish associated with the chosen image and choose an album from the available list (see the available list of albums by highlighting the current album and clicking the trackball (or trackwheel)).


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