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Lindsay Lohan Shows Different Emotions With Her BlackBerry

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 24, 2010



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2 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Shows Different Emotions With Her BlackBerry”

  1. micutu said

    Now seriously guys… Does anyone care what celebrity is showing off their blackberryes? I study journalism and there are some things that I understand about those posts. But, a non-bb user should become a BB user because of the tons of apps and cool things those smartphones can do, and not because they saw blackberryes to some celebrity. I myself have bought a new one because they can do so much, because there are so many great apps for them and you can never get bored alongside a blackberry. I really don’t care if Timberlake, or Lohan or any other, is got a blackberry…(I think even GOD’s got a blackberry =))) I’d like to take a picture of GOD e-mailing St.Peter =))))) )
    I guess you should leave this blog (and still, it’s a great blog that I visit 2-3, even 5 times throughout a day) what it was, and stick to it’s theme (apps n’ blackberry stuff). I think you could leave those celebrity shots to the BB paparazzi, and leave us only enjoy the great apps and themes that you guys find every day. (I don’t want to insult anyone with this post, I am just not cool with the way this is turning into.) I understand that many search on google for celebrities and get over this blog, but hey… if they search for free apps, they’ll really find this one. I hope you didn’t get mad at me, I’m still a fan! / Have a great day and I’m sorry if I’ve offended someone.

    • Points taken. For non BB users who switch the phone to BB, It should be because of their needs on function of Blackberry. It is not because of celebrities who use the blackberry, right :). Even my wife is great fans of Blackberry and she is really enjoying of to use Blackberry with many great apps, real time email, include for social networking such as facebook & blackberry messenger.

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