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Blackberrytips & tricks 73 : facebook tips and tricks part 5

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 26, 2010

Navigating a friends profile

Once you have chosen to navigate a friends’ profile, you will no longer see the top level navigation for the Facebook on BlackBerry application. In order to get back to navigating your profile and notifications, you need to hit the back button on your BlackBerry’s keyboard.

Immediately at the top of your display you will see two buttons labelled “Message” and “Poke”. Use these options to either send a quick poke to a friend, or send them a private message to their inbox.

If you have image display enabled on your BlackBerry you will be shown the profile picture for whichever account you are viewing. You will notice that rolling over the display image shows a dashed border, indicating it is clickable. Clicking on this image will bring you to the profile picture album associated with this profile.

Scrolling down a little, you will start to see the public content of your friends’ Facebook profile. The default format for this profile content is condensed. Scrolling to the bottom of the “essential information”, you are given the option of viewing the full profile.

Click this button to see all available profile content for the person you are stalking.

Below the profile information, you will see the word “Wall” and a blank dialog box. If you are struck with inspiration at this point, why not let your friend know all about it. Fill in your juiciest bit of gossip and then click on the “Post” button, located immediately below the dialog box you just typed in.

Below the wall posting area, you will notice a few more buttons arranged vertically along the left side of the screen:

Photos: Clicking this will bring up all images which have been tagged as picturing your friend (the one whose profile you are currently viewing). You will be given the option at the top of this screen to go back to the profile you were previously viewing.

Clicking on any picture will bring up the actual image and a comments dialog box. Click around and add any comments you wish to the image you are viewing by typing them into the available comments box. When you are finished with an image, click on the “Back to Album” button near the top left of your screen.

If you are finished viewing and commenting on available images, you can choose to head back to that friends’ profile again. To do this, click the “View Profile button located near the top left of your screen.

Albums: Clicking this will bring up a listing of the albums that have been uploaded by the person whose profile you are viewing. Navigate these pictures the same way as you would images.

Message: Pretty self explanatory, click this button to send your friend a message.

Poke: Poke your friend, but not too hard.

Notes: Clicking this button will take you to any notes that your friend may have written. Interestingly enough, it appears that this is the only place you have the option to view all of your notes and friends notes, as well as notes written about you. (Look for those links below the content on your BlackBerry display.) Clicking the name of the person who wrote the note will take you back to that person’s profile.

Wall: Choosing this option will take you directly to the wall of the individual whose profile you are viewing. Click on the link that says “Back to _______ profile” to head back to the profile you just came from.

Home: This button will take you to your Facebook Home Page.

Profile: Clicking this button will display your Facebook profile.

Friends: Clicking the friends button will take you to a display of all of your friends who have recently updated their profiles. Like the big box version of Facebook, you are presented with the option to see more of your friends, and filter the list in various ways.

Inbox: Clicking on the Inbox button will take you right to your inbox, containing all of your Facebook Notifications.


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