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QuickPull – Steelthorn Software

Posted by freeappsblackberry on February 27, 2010

Have you ever dreaded doing a battery pull due to the annoying act of having to pull off your protective case and battery cover? Well, Steelthorn Software has developed a neat little application designed to give your phone a battery pull/reboot with just the the click of a button!


QuickPull reboots/restarts your phone by just simply clicking a button. I was overjoyed to discover this app and quickly downloaded it to watch the magic unfurl! First of all, the app is FREE! Although, there is paid version (QuickPull Pro) on BlackBerry AppWorld for $2.99. Once reading the descriptions for both, I couldn’t see any differences amongst the features besides the Pro coming with tech support. The app is only 96KB, so it’s very small and works by simply clicking the app to restart your phone. Here are some other features of the app as described on AppWorld:

*Simulates a “battery pull” equivalent reset
*Integrates with AutoStandby
*Advanced scheduling, run a QuickPull daily or on certain days of the week
*Memory monitoring

More features on BlackBerry AppWorld – QuickPull

The free QP app has gotten about 2500+ reviews with a solid 3-star rating on BAW. The biggest complaint seems to come from those using various versions of the BB Curve. They’ve described the app as either not responsive or freezing their phone. Some of the Curve users have also mentioned that the phone lost all it’s settings once it rebooted. Those with various versions of the Bold and the Storm have not had any problems. I have the Bold 9700 and it works like a charm. I deleted two apps from my phone and instead of letting the phone reboot on it’s own, I used the QP app. It gave me it’s requisite “5 second warning” before rebooting. My phone restarted and everything works fine and all my settings are still in place.

Steelthorn does mention that this app is still in Beta testing for those with OS 5.0. Overall, I think it’s worth a download to see if will work for your phone. If not, you can always delete it! :-)


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