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Blackberrytips & tricks 76 : facebook tips and tricks part 8

Posted by freeappsblackberry on March 1, 2010

Sending Messages to Friends and Facebookers

Not satisfied with just a plain ole poke? Do you want to send a friend a message that is a little too taboo for public wall post consumption? If you find yourself thinking either of these before contacting a friend on Facebook, then use the “Send a Message” button in the main Facebook application Navigation.

Click on the “Send a Message” button to bring up a dialog box like the ones described in the poking and wall writing sections above.

Enter your friends name and select it once it is highlighted, by clicking the trackball (or trackwheel). Click the button labeled “Continue” in the lower right.

The next screen will have two fields for you to fill in. The first is the “Subject” and the second is the “Body”. Fill in the subject of your message as you would any email you have ever sent before. The body of your message is where you place the question or comment you wish to send your friend.

Once these two fields have been filled out to your satisfaction, click the send button in the lower right corner of your display.

Voila, message delivered.


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