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Blackberrytips & tricks 82 : facebook tips and tricks part 14

Posted by freeappsblackberry on March 6, 2010


You’re still not receiving notifications.

First, in order to receive any notifications from facebook, you need an email address
that will receive the notifications and then push to your device automatically.

Example: You have a blackberry email account setup for your device e.g:
and other email address used for the facebook account such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.

So in order for you to receive the notifications there are two options (your choice):

Option 1 (Recommended): Add a new email account in your Blackberry device, simply by go to
Setup> Email Setting> Email Accounts> Add an Email Account, and type in your other email address and password
which is used to sign in to facebook account such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. And click Next to finished.

Option 2: You change the the email address to receive notifications to your blackberry email address.
You can change it in this page

Remember you can have up to 10 email account setup in your device. (If I’m not mistaken… ahahahahha… :D)

Second, make sure that the email account you used for getting the notifications is active.
(Especially user with Hotmail/MSN Live account, you need to re-validate
your email account every 90 days to used this service with Blackberry)
How to re-validate, simply browse to Setup folder in your device and then go to Email setting,
choose the email account and click Edit. Type your password and click Save.

Third, make sure there’s no blocked email address for facebook addresses.
Sign in to your email account and check the mail setting.

For Blackberry account user
Sign in to ur BIS provider websites email and find the setting/option for Spam/Filter.

For Hotmail/Windows Live account user
Go to Options>Safe and blocked senders>Blocked senders.

For Yahoo account user
Go to Options>Mail Options>Spam

For Gmail account user
Go to Settings>Filter

check if there’s any “Blocked E-Mail Addresses” / filter with … or
any addresses that resemble … that’s on the blocked list and remove it.


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