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Blackberrytips & tricks 85 : facebook tips and tricks part 17

Posted by freeappsblackberry on March 9, 2010


Your notifications deleted by your device.

In some cases, you didn’t receive notifications because it’s been deleted by your BB device.
Why…?? Because there’s not enough free space for the application memory.
How to check…?? In your device Go to Options> Status and check your File Free.
If it’s at or close to 0, then the BB is deleting FB notifications to clear space.

1. Do a battery pull while the phone is on, leave it out a few seconds, then put it back in.
That will restart the phone and give you back some of your memory.
2. Delete or uninstall any unused applications, themes.
3. Clear the phone logs, delete old SMS and email.
4. Cache cleanup, Run ur Browser and press menu choose Options> Cache Operations,
and clear the cache.
5. Do memory cleaning, go to Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning,
press menu and choose Clean Now.
6. One more thing, after you used any applications try to close the application if you don’t use it.
Don’t just press back or swicth applications.


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